Nourishing the Nation

For over 30 years, Al Rawabi has been serving the people of the UAE through its high-quality products

Al Rawabi is an award-winning UAE-based company, that is proud to serve more than one million customers per day. In 2020 the company celebrated its 30th anniversary of being a part of the heritage of the UAE and one of the country’s leading dairy and juice companies since its establishment in 1989. The company, which started out on their farm in the heart of Dubai’s desert in Al Khawaneej, enjoys strong ties with the community and carries the values of the nation at the very core of everything they do.

The company is proud of brandishing the words, ‘Home made in the UAE’ on all their products as they incorporate innovation as one of their main pillars, which is practiced at every step. Al Rawabi has always considered it an honour and a privilege to serve the nation for over 30 years. With their tagline of ‘Nation’s Health’, the company stands by its promise to ensure the nation’s health and considers serving the people of this country, as their paramount duty by offering high-quality products that help contribute to people having a healthy and happy lifestyle, which in turn, makes them productive members of society.

The 24-hour production Al Rawabi dairy farm currently has over 16,500 cattle. From the very beginning, the company has strongly believed in the power of nature, and has put customer happiness as one of their main goals. As one of the country’s leading dairy and juice companies, Al Rawabi continues to promote a healthy lifestyle through superior dairy, bakery, meat, fresh juices, and functional products such as Nutree Boost, Protein+ Milk, Vitamin D Milk, Super Milk and much more.

The company firmly believes that the UAE is growing every single day and carries those values very close to their heart. And this dedication shows in its products as they strive to take care of the nation and to always give back to the society in innovative ways that align with milestone topics such as sustainability, environment, ecology and recycling. The Al Rawabi farm is the first self-contained farm that is also environment-friendly as it is equipped with a biogas plant.

On the occasion of the UAE National day, Al Rawabi is proud of the nation and thanks the leaders of the UAE. The company carries the spirit of the union in their hearts as they celebrate 50 glorious years. Looking back, the company’s journey as a dairy farm began with 500 imported cows and a vision to become a market leader in fresh dairy and juice products. And as one could say, the rest is history. Al Rawabi salutes the leaders, the people, the community, the spirit and the nation on the momentous moment in its history.


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