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Fakhr AlamEntrepreneur, Singer, Actor, Presenter, Aviator & Humanitarian
Fakhr AlamEntrepreneur, Singer, Actor, Presenter, Aviator & Humanitarian

The famed UAE-based celebrity shares patriotic moments about Pakistan on the 75th Independence Day


Nisthula Nagarajan

Published: Sat 14 Aug 2021, 12:00 AM

Pakistan is truly the land of magic and mystique, yet it continues to be misunderstood. It is a country that offers tremendous amounts of investment opportunities. A country that is primed to be the gateway for trade and commerce to the entire Central Asia. As the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor inches towards completion, Pakistan stands at the brink of unlocking its absolute and true potential.

Now is the time for international players, investors and business power houses to find a footing in Pakistan. Pakistan’s economic potential is not about exports only but also its huge domestic market. Statistical data clearly shows that domestic demand has been growing irrespective of the sector.

Particularly the energy sector, oil and gas, petrochemicals, chemicals, etc. still have a long way to go and hence present many opportunities.

Prime Minister Imran Khan inaugurates the world’s largest Miyawaki urban forest in Lahore


While Pakistan offers such great opportunities, one of the country’s greatest asset is its people — especially the overseas Pakistanis. The contribution of overseas Pakistanis, such as myself, have been tremendous especially when it comes to foreign currency remittances. Last couple of years, overseas Pakistanis have averaged over $20 billion in remittances back into their homeland. This shows that the Pakistani workforce if given abundant opportunities within Pakistan can also deliver exceptionally well.

Robust and progressive policies for regulating the business environment in Pakistan will further spur growth. With the passage of time we will see a better business environment in Pakistan with some exceptional policy measures taken of late.

As an overseas Pakistani and a resident of the UAE for almost two decades, I wish to see deeper collaboration between the two countries. There is a lot that Pakistan can learn from the UAE. There are a lot of things in the UAE that Pakistan can draw inspiration from such as the UAE’s space programme, the UAE’s adaption of technology for improved services to its citizens and residents, the UAE’s ability to understand, create and deploy policy and regulations for new things. All these things can help Pakistan improve many sectors domestically.

The Chinese Business Center, Gwadar.


The future of the planet is becoming more worrisome as climate crisis escalates. Pakistan’s tree plantation drive is a great gift to the world. It is imperative for our generation to take on the climate change challenge together. Yet again, Pakistan and the UAE can collaborate on alternative energy projects jointly such as solar and wind.

Together we share a historical brotherhood. We must draw strength from our time-tested relations and collaborate for a fantastic future.

Today I say to the world — Come celebrate our independence with us. Work with us, invest with us. Pakistan is open for business.

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