Leaders In The Wholesale Industry

The company has been operating in UAE since 2001 establishing itself as a leader in the wholesale industry


Anam Khan

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Published: Thu 1 Dec 2022, 9:00 AM

Bismi group, with its existence in the UAE since 2001, is one of the most progressive organisations dealing in wholesale, retail, fruits and vegetables, food processing and manufacturing, and distribution services. Headquartered in Dubai Investment Park, Bismi Group has extended its roots to many other Emirates, including Al Ain, Fujairah, and Sharjah, and continues to expand its horizon. With a distinctive concept, the Bismi Group provides valuable solutions to supermarkets, grocers, ship chandlers, restaurants, hotels, wholesalers, and many more. Bismi Group is highly focused and committed to excelling in every sector. The vision of the company is to ‘transpire as a leading FMCG company, with strong roots in all verticals of the industry to make a significant impact on the community.

Bismi Group works around a competi- tive understanding of customer satisfac- tion, teamwork, transparency, adaptabil- ity, integrity, and economical costing. It has a continuous investment policy in technology and infrastructure, giving its clients the best solution every time.

Empowering FMCG Industry

The divisional overview of Bismi Group is divided into multiple sectors, including its wholesale division for B2B and B2C clients, e-commerce solutions, cold stores, retail, food service, processing, and others.

Bismi Wholesale: It is the core business of the group focused on business custom- ers in the regions ranging from supermarkets, minimarts, bakeries, hotels and res- taurants to major retailers and traders in the market. The company is a one-stop- shop solution provider for businesses in the region that require consumer goods. They serve more than 7,000 businesses across the region daily.

Bismi Wholesale has opened its services to consumers due to the over- whelming demand requirements from its loyal clientele. It has developed a first-of- its-kind business model in the region, which emerges as a ‘shared economy model’ and caters to every client with consistency and proactive engagement. The combination store model of Bismi Group enables it to provide highly economical solutions for both businesses and consumers.

e-commerce Solution: It is a free purchase tool for businesses developed to solve the bottlenecks faced in the tradiional business buying arena. This solution translates all the benefits of Bismi

Wholesale through an online tool along with very useful tools such as reorder sys- tems, full transparency throughout purchases, and a lot more.

Cold Stores: Developed over a spacious area of 80,000 sq ft, it is a division fo- cused exclusively on frozen food as a mega wholesaler in the region. It has partnered with large format businesses in the region to help them aggressively grow their business through strategic methods. Bismi Cold Store property can hold 200+ containers, making it a leader in the region.

Food Processing and Manufacturing: This division is set up with a vision to pro- vide consumers and businesses with high-quality products at the most reasonable price in the region. The team is dedicated to delivering the highest value to the customers through these products by solving several bottlenecks they have ex- perienced throughout the journey.

Retail Division: It includes supermarkets and hypermarkets throughout the UAE, close to its customers and making it a critical pillar under the umbrella of Bismi Group with teams of experienced and enthusiastic professionals.

Food and Service Division: At the Bismi Food and Service Division, the company partners with hotels, restaurants, and catering organisations throughout the region to provide them with all the day-to-day products with the best available service. To keep Bismi Group a level above the competitors, the company sources local in addition to the imported goods and provide a one-stop-shop ad- vantage to all partners.

Fruits and Vegetable Division: Bismi Group’s fresh produce is sourced locally and internationally. The Fruits and Vegetable Division provides efficient and rapid service to its customers from the main office in Dubai Fruits and Vegetable Market. Distribution Division: Started in early 2014, Bismi Distribution has partnered with companies to build their brands. At Bismi, attention to detail is everything. It cares about each product and brand. Whether it is delivery, quality of presence, or execution of activities, the company plan and implements winning strategies, focusing on providing a first-class service for the brands.


The UAE’s Grand Raffle Draws at Bis- mi are a sight to behold. These are re- corded as one of the most significant events in the history of wholesaling in the UAE. The campaigns are designed by partnering with the suppliers to excessively benefit Bismi’s customers. In 2021, the company launched ‘MEGA FEST’ as the Biggest Raffle Draw event conducted in the wholesale industry to date and it’s much bigger this time. The 100 days promotion starts on December 1 with mega draws every 20 days.


P.M. Haris, Founder and Managing Director of Bismi Group extends his views on the company’s ethos. He said: “ We take pride in becoming one of the leading FMCG companies in the region with dedication and commitment to our work. Since our inception, one of our core missions has been to partner with small and medium FMCG businesses in the region to increase their profitability and grow together with them. Every day, we pursue the goal of adding value to each customer of ours through continuous innovative solutions. Our dedicated team is providing the best solutions for our customers and accelerating towards long-term relationships with each of them. We would also like to thank the Government of the UAE and its great leaders, who have been a constant inspiration for me and my team from day one. Together with my team, I look forward to assisting you in the best possible way.”

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