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Business leaders share their thoughts on the occasion of the 72nd republic day

Published: Tue 26 Jan 2021, 4:51 PM

Paras Shahdadpuri

Chairman, Nikai Group Of Companies

India and UAE have shown their enormous resilience and initiative in containing the Covid-19 pandemic infection. Looking forward to 2021 with V shaped recovery, although utmost hygiene and caution must be practised.

Raju Menon

Chairman and Managing Partner, Kreston Menon

Let every Indian pledge to be an ambassador for India's prosperous future. Kreston Menon wishes every Indian a Happy Republic Day, 2021.

Faizal Kottikollon

Chairman, KEF Holdings

India is proudly shedding off its 'third-world country' label, with sights set on to become the world's second-largest economy. As we celebrate our nation's achievements and aspirations, let us not forget to embrace our Indian roots, rich traditions and culture.

John Paul Alukkas

Managing Director, Joyalukkas Jewellery, International Operations

As India celebrates its Republic Day, we salute the heroes who sacrificed their lives to make this possible. On this special occasion, let each and every one of us make a commitment to contribute whatever is possible from our side so that India's global position is enhanced in all areas. Let us join hands and strive together to make our country the best in the world. Let our Indian identity shine bright wherever we are.

K V Thomas

Managing Director, Thomsun Group

We would like to wish all Indians around the globe, especially the UAE, a very Happy Republic Day. Our ancestors have fought for the glory of the nation so that our future generation can live in peace. Let us remem­ber the brave, and honour their sacrifice, not just during Republic Day, but for all days to come.

PNC Menon

Chairman, Sobha Group

On the proud occasion of the 72nd Republic Day, I wish all compatriots prosperity and happiness. I am proud of my motherland for the remarkable progress and development achieved since becoming a republic. Our nation has come a long way, overcoming all odds to become a self-reliant globaleconomic powerhouse.

Rizwan Sajan

Founder and Chairman, Danube Group

Freedom has not come easy. With pride in the soul and zeal in the heart, a thousand salutes to the brave soldiers who waged a valiant struggle so that we could live with freedom and dignity. Happy 72nd Republic Day.

Dr Ram Buxani 

Chairman, ITL Cosmos

On this historic day, I would like to share with my compatriots the immense joy and pride I feel, along with the whole Indian Diaspora, for being part of the great Indian success story. May our nation reach new heights and remain a shining example of unity in diversity.

Kamal Vachani

Director, Al Maya Group

India has come a long way since becoming a republic. We all share a common destiny as we dream about our nation's sustained progress and growth as an advanced economy. Happy Republic Day!

Shamlal Ahamed

Managing Director - International Operations, Malabar Gold & Diamonds

Wishing all Indians across the globe a Happy Republic Day. As we gradually return to normalcy and gear up to chase our dreams, it is a progressive and innovative mindset that will help us utilise this new year of opportunities to its fullest potential. Our biggest asset is our young demography; potential of which is yet to be harnessed. Opportu­nities need to be created across all key sectors in addition to investing on skill upgradation and on-the-job training.

On this remarkable day, let us pledge to work collectively, empowering each other and contributing towards the continued progress of our nation.

Surender Singh Kandhari

Chairman, Al Dobowi

On the occasion of the 72nd Republic Day, I would like to wish fellow Indians in the UAE and across the globe sustained prosperity and progress. I salute all the present and past visionary leaders of India for making our nation an economic power­house

Dr Dhananjay Datar

Chairman and Managing Director, Al Adil Trading Co LLC

I wish my fellow Indians in the UAE and India a very Happy Republic Day. May we continue to progress and prosper regardless of all odds.

Dr B Govindan

Chairman, Bhima Jewellers

Freedom in mind, faith in words, pride in our heart, memories in our souls, responsibilities in action. Let's salute the nation on Happy Republic Day!

We wish all Indians a Happy Republic Day.

Syam P. Prabhu

Founder and Managing Director, Aurion Business Consultants

Unity in diversity is the hallmark of Republic of India. The social equilibrium maintained by people following different faiths is remarkable. On the occasion of Republic day, I would like to extend warmest wishes to all Indians in the UAE and all over the world.

Johnson Thomas

Founder, First Flight Couriers (Middle East)

In these testing times, we can take pride in knowing that India has fought the pandemic with courage and resilience. On this 72nd Republic Day let's make a promise to each other and to future generations to continue to work towards building a strong and prosperous nation, while upholding its culture, tradition and heritage. May peace and harmony prevail in our great nation. I wish all my fellow Indians across the globe a Happy Republic Day.

Bharat Bhatia

CEO, Conares

Happy Republic Day! Come January 26, Indians around the globe will be beaming with patriotic zest, proudly donning the saffron, white and green colours to mark their freedom. As eventful as the day is, we also fondly remember martyrs who had sacrificed their lives for a nation that now continues to excel in various spectrums.

James Mathew

CEO And Managing Partner, UHY James

I wish my fellow Indians in the UAE and India a very Happy Republic Day. May we continue to progress and prosper regardless of all odds.

Suresh Kumar

Chairman, IBPC

India brings a feeling of togetherness that only a diverse and inclusive society can bring. May we take India to greater places. We wish all our customers a very Happy Republic Day and hope for continued growth and prosperity.

Mayur Batra

Founder and CEO, MBG Corporate Services

Congratulations to fellow Indians in the UAE on the occasion of India's 72nd Republic Day! We have indeed come a long way. On this day, let us celebrate our achievements and pledge to continue making our Motherland proud. Let us salute the relationship between India and the UAE. Our two countries are not only large trading partners to each other but also beyond statistics, friends with shared values and ties that are as old as they are deep!

Sudhesh Aggarwal

Chairman, Emeritus, IBPC

We wish all our brothers and sisters in the Indian community around the world a very Happy Republic Day. This is a day to acknowledge, embrace and celebrate the culture, and ethos of being Indian and our nationality. There is no better day to take a pledge to uphold this rich legacy and move forward together.

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