Honouring the Enduring Bonds Between India and UAE

Guided by its commitment to quality and exceptional customer experiences, Nikai Group has reached great heights, fostering goodwill and fortifying ties between the two nations

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Paras Shahdadpuri, Chairman, Nikai Group of Companies.
Paras Shahdadpuri, Chairman, Nikai Group of Companies.

Published: Fri 26 Jan 2024, 10:25 AM

Republic Day in India represents not only a milestone in the country's history but also a testament to the visionary leadership, unwavering dedication, and remarkable achievements that have propelled this great nation to unprecedented heights. It is a day that fills the hearts of the people of this nation with gratitude and admiration.

The 2024 Republic Day is a special occasion, and its significance to Indians living around the world lies not only in the fact that it is their homeland but also because it is a nation that embodies the spirit of unity, progress, and ambition. These are the qualities that have driven India's remarkable journey of progress and growth since its inception and have been instrumental in defining its enduring relationship with the UAE.

Strengthening Bonds and Shared Prosperity

Paras Shahdadpuri had served as a diplomat in the Indian Foreign Ministry for many years when he decided that retirement when you are in 50s of your life did not suit him. This is when he chose to venture into the realm of entrepreneurship.

When Shahdadpuri chose Dubai as the site for the founding of the Nikai Group in 1987, part of the reason was the shared values and mutual respect he observed between India and the UAE. Over the years, the relationship between India and the UAE has continued to grow and thrive with agreements like the UAE-India Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement (CEPA), which has provided Nikai Group with a conducive business environment and quality imports from India. In return, the Nikai Group has reciprocated with a strong dedication to quality and exceptional customer experiences.

This synergy between India and the UAE has created a supportive business ecosystem and has allowed the Nikai Group to diversify its portfolio and emerge as a regional leader. From electronics and appliances to FMCG, digital transformation, staffing, outsourcing, and logistics, Nikai Group has transcended its modest beginnings to become a global powerhouse.

Fostering Growth through Excellence

The synergy between India and the UAE has been a pivotal factor in propelling Nikai Group's growth. The company has strategically harnessed the thriving business ecosystem in the UAE, coupled with the expertise of its Indian workforce. The robust ties cultivated between these two nations have facilitated smooth trade, knowledge exchange, and cross-cultural partnerships. The supportive business environment in the UAE, complemented by India's vast talent pool, has laid the foundation for Nikai Group to flourish and establish itself as a key player in the market.

Today, the Nikai Group offers a diverse range of products that have earned the trust of over 60 million satisfied customers across 60 countries over 25 years. Beyond electronics, Nikai Group has made significant strides in sectors such as general trading, retail food business, consulting and staffing, and cutting-edge logistics services.

Collaboration is Key to Shared Success

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to the UAE in 2023 served as a demonstration of the impact of the UAE-India CEPA. By simplifying trade processes, reducing barriers, and enhancing market access, CEPA has empowered companies like Nikai Group to broaden their market reach in both the UAE and India. With seamless access to these markets, Nikai has solidified its position as an internationally recognized brand in electronic and household appliances.

The UAE-India CEPA serves as a pivotal platform to explore new collaborations and propel the alliance across various domains. Riding on the momentum of the visit, Nikai Group actively forges partnerships, explores investments, and enhances its product offerings to meet evolving market needs. As CEPA continues to drive economic cooperation, Nikai Group is well positioned to capitalise on its advantages, expanding its presence and contributing to the prosperity of both nations.

A Relationship Built on Shared Values and Mutual Respect

India and the UAE have a symbiotic relationship that is built on shared values and mutual respect. Nikai Group's journey to prominence, marked by an expanding product range and an unwavering commitment to excellence serves as a shining example of the fruits of this partnership. Guided by its commitment to quality and exceptional customer experiences, Nikai Group has reached great heights, fostering goodwill and fortifying ties between India and the UAE.

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