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The UAE’s first and oldest locally based company continues to lead the way in providing its customers with the most purest sourced products

Published: Fri 5 Aug 2022, 2:53 PM

Last updated: Fri 5 Aug 2022, 2:55 PM

Al Ain Farms is the UAE’s leading food company that endeavours to better the lives of a growing and ever-changing local community. Founded in 1981, by the Father of the Nation, the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, Al Ain Farms was the first dairy company established in the country. Today, after 40 years, Al Ain Farms is one of the largest integrated locally based companies that runs four farms and productions under one brand — the dairy business, the fresh juice business, the camel milk production, and the poultry section and producing fresh chicken and eggs.

Al Ain Farms has always been supporting families in the UAE in making the right choice when it comes to freshness and nutrition on a daily basis. As a brand whose primary purpose is to provide a quality nutrition to the whole of the UAE, at the same time, the company upholds the promise of preserving the environment.

Al Ain Farms is currently the largest integrated local farm in the country with 15,000 cows, 1,500 camels and eight million chickens on its premises.

Bulk of the current business is driven by the scale of the dairy industry, inclusive of camel milk that also goes to export sales in powder form and fresh juice, without any added sugar. Poultry business with 120 million eggs sold and eight million chickens sold annually currently contributes to one quarter of the business. The plan is to further grow the poultry industry, with investments in the state-of the art largest local hatchery owned by the company.

Since the company inception in 1981, Al Ain Farms has provided the community with dairy, poultry, juices and camel milk. Going forward, the company continue to welcome and inspire everyone to enhance their lifestyle with our products, and encourage to share this with their community. Ain Farms is home to 42 nationalities, sharing the same desire to help improve the lives in their community.

Sustainability has become a major imperative for all companies that wish to compete on a global scale, alongside fair pay, transparency, and traceability. Al Ain Farms recently launched its fresh milk (low fat and full fat) in glass bottles (1L), to increase its recyclability and reusability, making it the first company in the region to do so. Although the company’s other milk products will continue to be bottled in plastic, but the company is working on a programme to start recycling all of its plastic. Having launched an integrated PET factory to produce its own bottles and source most of the materials locally, the company will continue to assess the sustainability aspect of the new packaging and may roll out this format in other products if deemed feasible. Al Ain Farms is also working on reducing its ecological footprint, especially within its farms.

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