Glorifying The Architectural Wonder


Ayman Salah Bustami CEO & Managing Partner
Ayman Salah Bustami CEO & Managing Partner

The groundbreaking approach in developing the masterpiece Museum of the Future has mesmerised the world with its uniquely crafted design

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Published: Wed 30 Mar 2022, 12:33 PM

Formerly part of Multiforms LLC, one of the leading architectural façade and aluminium specialists in the region, Glassforms is a glass production and processing facility formed in 2007. Over the years, the company has worked diligently to build and sustain strong relationships with clients and suppliers. The company has always ensured delivery of processed glass on time, whilst complying with quality standards and exact specifications according to its customers’ needs.

Glassforms has recently worked with The Museum of the Future, supplying the final products that push the limits of engineering. A gleaming silver oval with an open centre, almost like an eye keeping watch over Dubai’s growing city, The Museum of the Future is a unique incubator for futuristic innovation and design.

Dubai is well-known for its modern skyscrapers. However, the new Museum of the Future takes a never-before-seen approach to architecture. It is certainly ranked as one of the most complicated projects ever built. What sets the museum apart is the beautiful glass façade with Arabic calligraphy, which is a lovely free-flowing 3D form of façade.

The beginning of a journey

Glassforms is one of the leading suppliers of glass in the UAE and the region, and has actively participated during the construction of the majestic museum. Each glass façade acts as a window with a story to tell. The glimmering innovative building is a masterpiece of science and the hard work of thousands of engineering hours. The complicated yet beautiful glass designs on the museum depict the tales of the most beautiful building in the world.

The calligraphy on the building is a key design feature with several poetic sentences that form the glazing incorporated into the façade with a high degree of complexity. It’s something integral to the building itself. The glass processing throughout the production steps has a significant role, starting with the cutting of asymmetrical glass panels and then passing through strict parameters of glass toughening under 750ºC. The lamination of four glass panels along with eight layers of SGP and insulating of inner/outer panels with a super spacer, assuring a mild symmetrical edge despite the peculiar shape of the glass.

Throughout the process, Glassforms adhered to strict guidelines of the ASTM standards. A double inspection occurred every time upon delivery of the glass units, and at the time of installation on-site with a well-detailed dispatch plan, to ensure that the glass arrive at site in the correct sequence to facilitate a smooth installation process.

The CEO Ayman Bustami has added that the professional team at Glassforms has always been committed to delivering excellence, and the highest quality standards exceeding our customers’ expectations, and the result of the successful completion of this incredible project has certainly exceeded everyone’s expectations including our own, which makes everyone at Glassforms very proud indeed.


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