GAINA sets sights on global markets

Japanese brand established its HQ in Dubai to explore US, Europe, Middle East and Africa

By Muzaffar Rizvi

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Published: Mon 11 Dec 2023, 1:14 PM

Last updated: Mon 11 Dec 2023, 1:15 PM

GAINA, the latest Japanese brand launched in the UAE, will expand its reach to global markets by establishing its base in Dubai, according to its top official.

Hiroshi Mizoochi, Chairman of NNJ Sunrise General Trading, said Dubai has emerged as an international business hub because of its excellent infrastructure, lT and telecom network and strategic location.

“Dubai is an ideal location to launch a brand such as GAINA. We will expand our network not only in GCC region, but also explore US, Europe, Africa and the Middle East markets to launch environment-friendly products to keep the buildings safe, smarter, and much greener,” Mizoochi said during an interview.

In a landmark event that marks a new era for eco-friendly building solutions, NNJ Sunrise Trading successfully launched GAINA in Dubai last month. The Japanese brand provides an exceptional insulation coating that ensures building protection from the heat and cold to walls, ceilings, and other surfaces. In simpler terms, GAINA offers an extra layer of protection to the buildings and help save energy in extreme weather conditions.

“We aim to uplift lives through effortless solutions that redefine living standards,” said Mizoochi.

Safety and eco-consciousness are the core of GAINA; the ceramic coating efficiently neutralises and ionizes toxic substances and odors in the air to ultimately minimise pollution in the environment.

“Personally, I’m deeply committed to our customers’ well-being and success, and that’s the core of what we do. But it doesn’t stop there. Sustainability isn’t just a checkbox; it’s woven into our DNA,” he said.

“We’re not just preserving the planet; we’re nurturing it for future generations. I’m honored to lead the charge at GAINA,” he added.

Aligned with the intricacies of Dubai’s 2050 Vision, GAINA — the Japanese ceramic coating- strives to embody the city’s vision to integrate sustainability into everyday life. GAINA contributes to the idealisation of greener buildings, energy conservation, and minimising carbon footprint on the planet.

“Our team shares an unshakable dedication to innovation and a future where prosperity meets compassion,” the chairman said.

Innovative technology

GAINA, an exceptional energy-efficient ceramic coating, has been innovatively crafted by GAINA Nissan Sangyo, drawing inspiration from Japan’s advanced rocket insulation technology utilized by the Japan Aerospace eXploration Agency. This revolutionary material serves a dual purpose: safeguarding rockets and satellites from the intense heat of the atmosphere and enhancing building, materials as a thermal insulating agent. It is formulated as a water-based coating, incorporating distinct ceramic beads expertly blended with acrylic resin.

With integration of aerospace technology, GAINA brings comfort and safety to not only residential homes and apartments, but also large-scale factories and other structures, as well as camping cars, portable toilets, and other applications.

“We continue to develop GAINA, expanding its range of utility. We are going to introduce grass insulation for the first time in the region,” said Mizoochi.

Sustainable products demand

Ali Al Fardan, Business Partner at GAINA, said there is a growing demand for sustainable and high-performance building materials in the region. The UAE’s specialised construction sector and focus on sustainability align perfectly with GAINA’s innovative ceramic insulation coating, he said.

“The response for GAINA has been overwhelmingly positive. The insulation coating’s effectiveness in reducing heat transfer and lowering energy consumption has been well-received by the customers. Engineers appreciate the versatility of GAINA which can be applied to the interiors and exteriors of various buildings,” Al Fardan said.

About the strategy to further strengthen the presence of GAINA products in the UAE and the region, he said: “We aim to strengthen GAINA’s presence in the UAE by expanding our market reach, participating in industry events to primarily showcase GAINA’s capabilities and successful projects, advocating to blend sustainability into the construction sector, and highlighting GAINA’s assistance to energy efficiency.”

UAE-Japan trade

Mizoochi and Al Fardan termed the UAE and Japan share a strong and cordial relationship majorly characterised by the sectors of trade, investment, and technology.

“The UAE is one of the major trading partner of Japan especially in energy sector. Both nations have developed strong bilateral ties and it will strengthen further in coming years,” he said.

Al Fardan said Japan is one of the UAE’s largest investment partners while also being a significant investor in the UAE’s infrastructure and energy sectors.

“The future outlook for the relationship between UAE and Japan is promising as UAE’s strategic location, job opportunities, and focus on innovation aligns with Japan’s technological advancement and sustainability expertise,” he said.

“We aim to further encourage the transfer of technology and collaboration in sectors such as healthcare, renewable energy, and smart cities,” he said.

He was of the view that Japan holds the UAE in high regard as the UAE was the first country in the Middle East to declare zero greenhouse emissions 
by 2050.

“Japan being a major energy exporting country holds the UAE in high regard as the UAE is working responsibly to the vision to ensure global energy security and address climate change issues. GAINA plays a huge role in ensuring the integration of sustainability into the field of construction,” Al Fardan said.

Experience the future of insulation

GAINA is ushering in a new wave of sustainability and innovation as eco-consciousness takes centre stage. It has introduced a product that embodies the finest Japanese technology and innovation to enhance the energy efficiency of home, warehouse, vessel, or an industrial facility.

“We aim to demonstrate the benefits of our specialised heat-reflective coating by comparing the temperatures of an uncoated ceiling with a coated one. This shows how GAINA can improve thermal performance and reduce heat absorption in the building,” according to the chairman.

“Our revolutionary coating isn’t just advanced — it’s a testament to sustainability. With every application, we redefine eco-friendliness, ensuring a greener world for generations to come,” he said.

In an overview, GAINA will help the consumers transform their living space to maximise increased safety, comfort, noise reduction, and environmental benefits. The marvelous ceramic coating goes beyond protecting their living space as it plays a vital role in improving quality of life while also contributing to a greener and sustainable world. GAINA is also effective against fire as the non-flammable property of the insulation coating helps in protecting living spaces.

GAINA also has an affiliate programme where its customers can earn generous commissions for promoting GAINA’s products and get the products at discounted prices. GAINA is a game-changer in the field of insulation coatings and offers an innovative solution for protecting the lifespan of buildings from harsh weather conditions, maintaining the protection of surfaces for 15-20 years while contributing towards a sustainable future.

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