Chronicling Change and Cataloguing Events

This Coffee Table book presents a unique perspective on more than four decades of historical moments and futuristic aims

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Published: Tue 16 Apr 2024, 9:36 AM

For more than 45 years, Khaleej Times has been at the frontline of history, chronicling change and cataloguing events of the present in order to provide a context to the past and a contour of the future for three generations of our audience.

In its inimitable style, the UAE's pioneer English newspaper offered its readers a unique perspective on more than four decades of local, regional and global history through a coffee table book — Golden Nation.

Mohammed Galadari, Group Chief Executive Officer and Co-Chairman at Galadari Brothers Group, played an instrumental role to launch the special edition that not only preserve the UAE’s historical moments but also indicated a promising future of the country.

The ‘Golden Nation’, encapsulates not just its own success as a successful news company, but also the dynamic evolution of the UAE throughout the years from its formation.

At the heart of Khaleej Times' narrative, a commitment to providing regular and detailed updates on various fronts, from historic preservation to cultural, sports, and sustainability initiatives burns deep within. This reliable and steady dedication has kept readers updated and has also cultivated a connection to the rich tapestry of the UAE's heritage, culture and futuristic aims.

Furthermore, the newspaper has been actively involved in approaching the UAE's vision of becoming a globally united society, actively promoting initiatives aimed at encouraging world peace and establishing trading partnerships through aviation, maritime, and land connections with other nations. This vision reaching out to a net-zero future, with firm devotion to sustainable values and resource preservation, situating the UAE as a finance and economic hub while minimising dependence on materials like oil. The publication pursues to apprise the UAE’s population of the various initiatives and aims that the nation aspires to complete to succeed towards a sustainable future.

The newspapers’ reporting extends beyond standard and conventional limitations, surrounding innovative ground-breaking achievements in space aviation, demonstrated by missions like Hope and the aspiration to see the first Emirati on the moon.

Moreover, Khaleej Times has advocated advanced healthcare initiatives, exemplifying readiness in the face of crises, ensuring the well-being of its people.

In addition to its momentous coverage, the newspaper identifies and recognises the importance and significance of leisure activities in enhancing quality of life. The publication actively informs readers on sports-based updates like the construction of infrastructure such as cricket stadiums and football tournaments, as well as high-profile and much anticipated events like the Dubai Grand Prix and the development of world-class golf courses.

Crucially, Khaleej Times remains dedicated to conserving the UAE's cultural and historical heritage while adopting innovation and technological advancements. From the construction of iconic landmarks like the Sheikh Zayed Bridge and the Dubai Mall to initiatives like the Expo 2020 and Smart Sustainable City projects, the newspaper publication has performed a crucial part in forming a modern and constructive era for the Emirates.

As the UAE endeavours towards the future, the newspaper maintains the empowerment of younger generations through its coverage while honouring and paying respects to the hardworking rulers and government officials who have maneuvered the nation since its establishment. As the UAE progresses, Khaleej Times continues to reaffirm its status not just as a successful newspaper but as a pivotal informant of the UAE's aims and aspirations.

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