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Published: Thu 26 Jan 2023, 9:34 AM

Last updated: Thu 26 Jan 2023, 9:37 AM

Ever wondered how brand identity is developed? Injeel Moti, a zealous supporter of the concept of "collective kindness," has empowered prosperous businesses and brands by sharing their tales, strengthening their profiles, and placing them in the well-deserved spotlight


Anam Khan

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A revolution is coming. Here, the women leading the way tell us how to get on board and why being kinder makes for better business. One such woman who believes in collective kindness happens to be a founder of Catch communication — Injeel Moti.

Moti is a communications and brand reputation expert with 10 years of work experience across the GCC region. Throughout her decade-long career, she has guided clients on brand strategy and media planning, having led multi-channel campaigns across Public Relations, social media and influencer marketing verticals.

Moti was strongly impacted by Indian culture as a youngster due to her Indian background and the fact that she lived most of her childhood outside of India. As she discusses how she has kept a connection to her history, she remembers the time when her family frequently planned vacations to India. "Even though I did not grow up there, our home was heavily influenced by Indian culture. This included our food, the media we watched, and of course, the language we all spoke and could talk in. Additionally, we would travel to India quite a bit. Every summer vacation, we would explore different cities there, which always kept us grounded and linked to home."

Leading towards a successful path

Injeel aspired to create a value-led brand that contributed positively to female-owned businesses in the region, including start-ups and SMEs. As of January 2023, Catch has represented over 30 female-owned businesses spanning across industries in the region. Speaking about the motivation behind starting her agency, Moti said: "The idea to establish the business in the communications space came from a place of deep passion. I enjoy telling stories and being able to spotlight incredible people and businesses in the region, to the world is a concept that is both exciting and fulfilling to me."

"I didn't set out for Catch to be a corporate communications firm; in fact, we started out operating in the lifestyle sector. But over time, we shifted our focus to the corporate sector, which is incredibly enjoyable because it enables us to more deeply influence change, influence stakeholders' thought processes, and communicate with end users in a way that would improve and add to their lives. We collaborate with companies that embrace the idea of value addition, therefore whatever we take on and promote needs to include a ‘give back component," Moti further added.

Communications, both a passion of hers and the driving force in her career, Moti works closely with her clients, both brands and independents to hone their communication skills. Through the educational wing of the business, Catch Academy, she conducts training for business owners as well as MARCOM professionals in the region to train on new-age marketing verticals, and share her experience on harnessing the power of effective marketing to grow and support businesses, brands and individuals who are passionate about personal growth.

For Moti, creating a trusted brand has been of the utmost importance. "It's difficult to establish a respected brand in any profession, much less one as cutthroat as the communications one. There is no special formula to do that other than working hard and always improving your service while making sure you fulfil your commitments. Additionally, you must maintain your agility and have the resilience to bounce back from rejections, which are an inevitable part of owning a business. Go above and above and never stop," she spoke out.

Funny, while kindness is a highly valued trait in her personal life, Moti don many more hats, such as a fashionista, book and animal lover. When not working, she can be found working on her soon-to-be-released non-fiction book, playing a game of padel or curled up on her couch with both her rescue cats, binging on the latest Netflix wonder. Moti always had a fondness for animals, ever since she was a little girl. Remembering her childhood days, she said: " I’d pick kittens up from the street and bring them home, in the hopes that I’d be allowed to keep them. This carried on well into adulthood when I became actively involved with rescuing here, in the UAE. Both my boys at home are rescues too, who have now grown to become members of the family. Reading and learning play a significant role in my life too, and I’ve amassed a sizable library at home and enjoy collecting books. Currently, I’m in the process of writing a non-fiction book of my own, which is centred around third-culture individuals and how to navigate in a progressively globalised world."

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