Bracing ahead for inpatient solutions

Nurses who tend to patients in the hospital must be equipped to deal with many unpredictable scenarios

Published: Wed 12 May 2021, 11:51 AM

Last updated: Thu 13 May 2021, 1:52 PM

It is no exaggeration to say that practically everyone, some time or the other, has visited a family member, relative or friend admitted to a hospital and, therefore, had a chance to observe the role of nurses in inpatient care.

As the term suggests, inpatient care requires hospitalisation, short-term or long-term, and a nurse plays one of the most critical roles in the patient's journey to wellness. Inpatient nursing is a demanding, rigorous, and complex role, calling upon nurses to employ a range of professional, personal, and intuitive skills. In addition, they must provide a very high degree of emotional and motivational support to the patient.

A range of factors are at play for an inpatient nurse - they must deliver safe, efficient care round the clock and deploy interventions at the right time. They must collate patient data through observation and physical examination, update patients' records, coordinate with various departments and continuously manage the patient care plan. With inpatients, in many cases, there is a high possibility of an emergency occurring, and a nurse must take appropriate and swift action to attend to the problem and alert doctors in time.

Additionally, nurses must be an active part of the multidisciplinary approach that inpatients require as nurses are a liaison point for different clinical departments treating the patient.

As a leader in healthcare innovation, American Hospital Dubai believes that nurse leadership is indispensable to its advancement. It is a transformational tool. Strong nurse leadership creates effective, exceptional nursing teams. Nurse leaders use their experience, knowledge, and foresight to optimise resources, create efficiencies, and promote system improvement. They play a seminal role in forming more effective policies and strategies that lead to milestones in a healthcare provider's performance. Our nurse leadership fully acknowledges the contributions of our nurses and motivates and inspires them to continue delivering their best.

What does all of this lead to at a fundamental level?

- It helps nurses deliver the highest quality of care.

- It leads to patient satisfaction.

- It promotes improved patient care outcomes.

American Hospital Dubai believes these goals are the essential purpose of healthcare.

Healthcare is rapidly moving to new horizons in treatment, care delivery models, data-driven breakthroughs, and technology transfers. Nurses are an integral part of this learning and advancement, and American Hospital Dubai invests fully in ensuring their growth and empowerment.

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