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Secure a second passport by investment with H&O Immigration Services that is shaping the future of investment migration

By Anam Khan

Published: Mon 28 Feb 2022, 10:14 AM

Last updated: Mon 28 Feb 2022, 10:16 AM

H&O Immigration Services is a subsidiary of Resolute Group, with its head office in Dubai. Resolute Group is a multinational conglomerate, established in 2001, with business interests in multiple industries including hospitality, food and beverage, general trading and technology. The group companies operate across the Middle East, North America, and India.

Headquartered in Dubai, H&O Immigration Services were established in 2019 to provide quality immigration services to its clients across the globe. The offices are located in the UAE, Oman, Canada and India. The team of dedicated consultants come with decades of experience and have helped hundreds of families with their immigration goals.

The company specialises in assisting clients to choose the right pathway through investment, education, and jobs across the globe with the growing networks and association with law firms and legal advisors in countries like Canada, Australia, Europe and The Caribbean Islands.

The programmes offered are:

Citizenship by Investment

Residency by Investment

Study Visa Programmes

Consultation Services for Skilled Migration Programmes

Work Permit Programmes

The immigration industry

Investor citizenship and residence programmes offer individuals the ability to acquire citizenship based on a significant investment in that country. It has become a popular choice for high-net-worth individuals looking to invest their money in good opportunities. Thanks to the programmes offered by over 20 countries worldwide, foreign nationals can now take advantage of second passports and all their benefits depending on what they’re seeking.

The demand for immigration by investment has seen a leap in the recent times. Adding more to that, H&O Immigration Services has been a part of the industry as a key player. The company provides the essential details to its customers to know the purpose behind countries offering immigration programmes, promoting investments and the labour market respectively. The company also overlooks the level of scrutiny and challenges growing every moment ensuring the highest level of integrity and process. Investing in a second passport allows investors to diversify their existing assets and adds benefits like more favourable tax and interest rates. Other favours involve access to world-class healthcare, better education and economic stability.

Shape your future

Are you an entrepreneur looking for new business possibilities around the globe? Would you like to immigrate to another country and receive residency by investment? Or are you looking for a secure job abroad in your area of expertise that will bring you also a residence card? If that is the case, H&O is giving its customers incredible advisory services.

H&O is providing sophisticated and trusted advice to its clients. In the current market, clients are well-aware of and understand the process of migration. They are well educated on how the system works. H&O delivers an honest and fair opinion by offering consultation services purely to guide the client and not only process the application on promises.

The business ethos drives on the three important strengths — certified consultants, global presence and transparency.

The services

Being one of the most rapidly developed companies, the H&O has designed specialised services based on two factors — citizenship by investment and citizenship by migration. The countries for investment are — Canada, Portugal, Greece, Turkey, Hungary, Caribbean Islands and Vanuatu and for immigration are Canada, Australia, UK, Europe. The team of consultants at H&O offers the best approach to the needs of its customers. The focus is on the countries where the consumers can invest to receive residency and citizenship in the future. H&O have immigration programmes designed especially for Canada and Australia. Prioritising the customers, the company offers smooth transactions, reducing the risk of financial damage with the refund options available.

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