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Jurgen E Herre, Drector, MVP Tech
Jurgen E Herre, Drector, MVP Tech

MVP Tech has forged a path of success by providing secure solutions to its clients

Said Kiwan, Director, MVP Tech
Said Kiwan, Director, MVP Tech

The growth and success of MVP Tech in the UAE runs parallel to the journey of Said Kiwan and Jurgen E Herre, and how they came together to take the company to the height it is at today. Kiwan started his career in Washington DC, USA, before moving to the UAE in 2003 to start MVP Tech. He leveraged his relationships both in the US and Europe to represent security manufacturers and technologies that were moving into the GCC region, where there was a growing demand for safety and security. Herre started his career as a banker in 1989 in Germany before moving on to real estate, later becoming involved in real estate transactions during that time in the range of $25 billion. In 2016, Herre met Kiwan and they decided to join forces to bring MVP to the next level and to expand into other markets. Since then, the company has continued to build and grow. With the beginning of Covid, the company pivoted into other areas like AI and datacentres, which significantly improved its risk diversification, reshaping the face of MVP in the years to come. The company’s track record and performance are underpinned by many awards and recognitions, which are a result of the dedicated and passionate work of its talents and the permanent training and drive towards excellence.

Core area of business

MVP Tech is a security and IT infrastructure, data centres and AI software engineering company. The core area of business of the company ranges from end-to-end physical security solutions, ranging from intelligent surveillance, smart access control and intrusion detection, video analytics, intelligent traffic and vehicle tracking systems, IT infrastructure to cyber security, datacentre solutions, customised AI software development and ML applications. Additionally, the company’s support and maintenance services have a call-out ratio of less than one per cent, which is 86 per cent below international benchmarks.

Competitive edge

MVP Tech is a dynamic organisation continuously evolving in its offering. With a team of over 250 industry-best professionals in the areas of security systems, IT, data centres, and software engineering and AI applications, the company’s philosophy is to continuously innovate, by bringing and testing new and unproven technologies in the market. The company has an in-house AI team that comprises experts in their field.

As a company, MVP Tech has always maintained a focus on customer satisfaction. The company adopts a policy of hiring, training and retaining the best people out there, proudly boasting an average employee retention rate of more than six years. Furthermore, the company maintains operational and fiscal discipline. This operational and fiscal discipline meant that MVP Tech supported its staff through the most difficult of circumstances.

Technological changes

MVP Tech has multiple ISO certifications, the most recent one for business continuity which means that the company has gone completely digital. The company has also invested heavily in deploying Oracle Netsuite in the organisation and uses its own monitoring developed technologies to improve service support to customers, including complex visualisation dashboards of system health checks, detailed maintenance reporting, 24/7 support through various communication modes. The company has also developed several in-house proprietary methodologies to track the customer journey.


MVP Tech was recently awarded the ‘Best Business Transformation’ title by the International Business Excellence Awards, for its achievements and how the company navigated the challenges presented by the Covid-19 pandemic. MVP Tech has been awarded major and iconic projects in the region, starting from securing the Expo 2020 Dubai site, subcontracted under G42 and Dubai Police Intelligent traffic solution, which covers the Expo 2020 Dubai 10-km radius, securing main entry and exit points. The company is also heavily involved in CSR and sustainability initiatives, from supporting water sanitation programmes in Uganda, to multiple CSR projects for special needs schools in the country.

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