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A Wealth of Academic and Extracurricular Activities

American University of Sharjah provides opportunities for excellence inside and outside the classroom

Published: Mon 31 Jan 2022, 10:38 AM

One of the Middle East’s top-ranked universities, the American University of Sharjah (AUS), is a sought-after destination for high-performing students from across the world. The university has been named among the top ten in the QS Arab Region University Rankings for the past seven consecutive years and is also listed as a Times Higher Education top 50 university under the age of 50 years. Such impressive rankings are testament to the university’s provision of outstanding academic education across 28 undergraduate degrees, 16 master’s programmes and three PhDs, along with its position as a leading research institution.

AUS has also forged a reputation for excellence beyond the classroom, with students encouraged to participate in wide and diverse extracurricular pursuits that provide them with the skills and experience to place them in good stead with employers. Students can pursue their interests through the university’s 80 active student clubs and develop their community-mindedness through projects organised by the AUS Community Service and Outreach division that supports important charitable initiatives. For those with a passion for sports and fitness, 28 sports teams provide opportunities for competition at the local and international levels. Students can also contribute to the university’s strong track record for sustainability. According to the Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education (AASHE), AUS is the highest rated university in the GCC region. Regardless of their chosen major, students can become EcoReps, enthusiastic students with a desire to promote sustainable change on campus. EcoReps educate their student peers on issues such as waste reduction, energy conservation, diversity and tolerance. Through guest speakers, events and outings, EcoReps deepen their own understanding of their sustainable campus and become better advocates for environmental action.

The combination of academic rigor and extracurricular pursuit prepares AUS students for future success. The university has an excellent reputation among employers, with top AUS employers including Unilever, Emirates, Etihad, the UAE government and many other highly reputed organisations. AUS graduates contribute to projects of national and international significance, including the UAE’s space achievements and efforts to tackle climate change. There are also many examples of AUS students achieving the highest academic summits, with alumni going on to pursue master’s and PhD programmes at universities including Harvard, MIT, University of Melbourne, Cambridge and many others.

For more, including information on how to apply, visit www.aus.edu

Dr Susan Mumm


American University of Sharjah

American University is home to faculty, students and alumni who are making a strong contribution to their field, whether in the arts, sciences, engineering, architecture, business or in other areas. Through the encouragement of our full-time faculty, our students take part in internships, competitions and research projects, that give them cutting-edge knowledge and experience, setting them apart in a competitive employment market. We invite you to learn more about this dynamic community and its many achievements, and discover what your future might look like as a proud AUSer.”


Reem Al-Dulaimi

Double major in International Studies and Psychology

AUS offers a multitude of opportunities. At AUS, I have been able to nurture my skills in both academics and extracurricular activities. I have been on various club boards, which has fostered a greater sense of team-work and time-management skills. The advantage of a dual approach towards building up an individual is important for the student experience.”

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