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Recognising the service and sacrifices of nurses — a compelling force in the healthcare industry

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Published: Thu 12 May 2022, 9:00 AM

Why is a Voice to Lead such a compelling force in history? Because it shows us the way and helps us head towards new horizons with confidence and conviction.

In the healthcare field, behind the hands that extend to heal you, soothe your brow, and touch your heart, is a voice that speaks not just to you but also for you.

It speaks from experience, empathy, education, and a passion for making the world a better place for those in pain, and that’s why the world sits up and listens. It inspires, motivates, and supports people to live healthy, offering advice and counsel. It decodes your fears, anxieties and concerns and understands your culture and values.

It’s the leading voice of a nurse.

The world of nursing entered a new era in the 19th century when British nurse Florence Nightingale lent her voice to the cause of the sick and ill. She showed the world a new reality: the relation between mortality, the science of care and the role of nursing. Since then, there has been no looking back for nurses who have steadily and proudly expanded the boundaries of this noble profession.

Modern nursing is a vast and dynamic field that covers a stunning array of roles and responsibilities in healthcare. At American Hospital Dubai, we fully recognise the spectrum of contributions by our Nursing Department in helping fulfil our mission and vision. Nurses are counsellors, patient advocates, communicators, and enablers, and these diverse roles become united by a shared passion: making a difference.

With each passing year, the gamut of nursing skills is expanding into new and exciting medical domains, and we welcome these strides.

American Hospital Dubai is committed to accelerating the mission of healthcare. Our nurses thrive in a supportive, nurturing environment where their passion for excelling is encouraged and acknowledged through various approaches, including regular training and upgrading skills for additional nursing competencies through online and classroom-based education.

This year’s International Nurses’ Day theme is ‘Investing in Nurses and Respecting Rights for global health’, and we cannot be any closer to the truth. If we must accord every human endeavour its rightful place in history, we must look at the past to improve its future. The pandemic helped us see the actual value of nursing and its magnificent courage in the face of an unprecedented calamity. It taught the world a lasting lesson about the nobility of the profession.

On this memorable day, American Hospital Dubai extends its profound gratitude to the nurses of the world. Their non-stop service and sacrifices will forever be etched in the annals of medical history.

"The purpose of healthcare is patient-centred, and nurses are indispensable to this mission. They are the ‘Voices to Lead’, and their insights, contributions, and experiences open new pathways to progress. We are committed to nurturing them to reach their full potential,” a comment from American Hospital Dubai.

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