Reflections on the 2024 Masters: Well played Scottie ‘Mr Nice Guy’ Scheffler

The American seems to be the real deal with a personality to match, particularly off the golf course

By Nick Tarratt, Khaleej Times Guest Golf Writer at the Masters

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Scottie Scheffler celebrates after winning a second Master title in three years. - Supplied photo
Scottie Scheffler celebrates after winning a second Master title in three years. - Supplied photo

Published: Mon 15 Apr 2024, 5:13 PM

Last updated: Tue 16 Apr 2024, 12:03 PM

Well, that was it!

The week has gone by so fast and it is time to head back home, to Dubai.

What a special week it was Congratulations to the champion Scottie Scheffler, he really dominated the week and seems to have no weaknesses in his game.

Scottie seems to be the real deal – with a personality to match, particularly off the golf course and with the media.

Can anyone believe the statistic that he has not shot an over-par round of golf so far this year? Nor have I – but I have not played yet!

I thought I would just write down a few personal reflections as well as some advice for those planning to come to The Masters and Augusta for the first time, maybe next year.

Firstly – plan from now.

Tickets are amongst the biggest challenges – find your source and, perhaps, book through approved agents which can include access to local golf.

Hotels require booking – they yield their usual rates at least six times for this week from my experience.

Always follow the rules and be respectful in and around the tournament.

If you get ejected from The Masters you will probably not get back in next year or ever again.

So let’s have a look at the Dos and Dont at The Masters

What NOT to do:

- Run on the property.

- No shouting out - ‘Get in the Hole’ or comments like this.

- Try and cross a road on walking to the gate entry. The local Augusta Police and authorities seem to be especially hard and loud on jaywalkers.

- Bring in phones, ladders or any electronic equipment.

- Buy too much merchandise – will you use it and wear it – why buy a Gnome?

- Sell any spare tickets to a roadside ticket tout.

- Take any food with you.

- Arrive late – car parking is free but it can be a long way from any entrance.

- Take in a sign or a flag.

- Wear denim – a golf casual look is the dress regulation.

- Sitting down on the grass.

- Sunbathing.

- Carry around any overtly branded goods.

- Bring in coolers.

- Shoes must be on.

- No caps on backwards.

- Collect beer cups that you have drunk for bragging rights – two seems to be the limit according to one of the security guards we asked in our media research work.

All of the patrons we encountered were hugely respectful.

Must DOs include the following:

- Be prepared for a lot of walking from the car park to the golf course (and back and remember where you parked) and around the golf course.

- Walk the full golf course early in the week.

- Go to the merchandise shop early in the week - spend wisely.

- Never forget your accreditation in the hotel.

- Bring a camera on practice days.

- Try sampling locally inspired drinks - an Azalea or an Arnold Palmer were on this writer’s list of sampling.

- Go to the Driving Range.

- Attend the Par 3 tournament on the Wednesday.

As a journalist on a busman’s holiday, there were some rules to follow. I always had to remember to use the word patron - not spectators or fans. In 1966 Jack Whitaker described the gallery as a ‘mob’ and received a six-year ban. It is also referred to as the second cut when you miss the fairway – not rough!

Hopefully, this Khaleej Times Guest Golf Writer has behaved himself this week!

It is an experience like no other in golf.

In summary - take it all in!

Thanks for all the feedback and engagement this week from all my friends and readers.

Speak to you all soon.


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