'The Dream': Official match ball for Fifa World Cup semi-finals and final revealed

The design, which features a subtle gold colour and triangles, takes inspiration from the deserts of the region, the tournament trophy, and the Qatar flag

Supplied photos
Supplied photos

By Web Desk

Published: Sun 11 Dec 2022, 3:31 PM

The Official Match Ball for the semi-finals and final of the 2022 Fifa World Cup has been released.

Adidas revealed the ball, named 'Al Hilm' ('The Dream' in Arabic), following the Official Match Ball of the group stages ('Al Rihla' or 'The Journey').

Both balls have the same technology, engineered to travel faster than any other World Cup ball.

The design is set on a textured gold base colour with a triangular pattern - taking inspiration from the deserts of Qatar and the region, the colour of the Fifa World Cup trophy, and the pattern of the Qatar flag. Bold red accents adorn the ball, reflecting both the generative architecture of Qatar, and the country’s flag.

“Al Hilm represents a beacon of light on the power of sport and football to bring the world together. Millions will tune in from almost every country around the globe, united by their passion for the game. We wish all teams involved in the final stages of the tournament the best of luck as they compete on the largest stage that football has to offer” said Nick Craggs, General Manager, Football, adidas.


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