Employer pays off Dh121,000 loan for Filipino nanny in UAE

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Employer pays off Dh121,000 loan for Filipino nanny in UAE

Dubai - She tried to make ends meet by working as a teaching assistant, cook and saleswoman.

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Published: Tue 13 Feb 2018, 1:05 PM

Last updated: Tue 13 Feb 2018, 3:08 PM

Madeline Palustre is a Filipino who came to the UAE aspiring to make money, and ended up in an enormous debt of Dh121,000. She amassed the massive debt eight years ago after getting lured by creditors and taking loans from them.

However, the overseas Filipino worker (OFW) was fortunate to free herself and pay off her debts, thanks to her noble employers.

A year after staying in the country, it became difficult for Palustre, who worked as a teaching assistant, cook and saleswoman, to make ends meet.

However, her life took a turn after she was employed by a family who helped her come out the debt cycle. Palustre says, "When I first saw them during my interview, they immediately hired me and personally, I felt at ease with them. When I got home after the interview, I wrote them an email releasing all of my thoughts as I was really stressing out on all of my problems. I didn't expect for them to read it immediately as during that time. They were still new to the country and didn't have internet connection at home."

Palustre says that the next day she turned up at her employers' home for work as usual and at the end of day they discussed her financial situation with her in detail. "They asked me to explain my problem and all my debts from the loan shark. All that amount, they paid for in cash. They called all of the people whom I owed money to and they paid them in cash, but not without telling these people how wrong it is to take advantage of other people's circumstances. And, my employers deducted the money from my salary," she says.

She managed to clear her debts over the years and also gained trust of her employers who have repatriated two years ago. Recalling the time spent with her employers, Palustre says, "Their favourite dishes were mostly Asian cuisines like Indian, Thai food while favourite Filipino food was fish ceviche."

She still remains in touch with her employers and says, "More than the financial assistance, I am more thankful for their moral support during that difficult time of my life. I will forever be grateful not only for their being the best employers I have ever had, but for the lifelong friends I have found in them," Palustre was quoted as saying in The Filipino Times.

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