Airline passenger charged extra for having a long name

Airline passenger charged extra for having a long name

Dubai - The names on the passport did not match the names on the ticket.

By Web Report

Published: Mon 14 May 2018, 5:30 PM

Last updated: Mon 14 May 2018, 7:37 PM

A Thai Airways passenger was charged 3,000 baht (Dh346 approx) at a check-in counter for having a long name. The flyer had to pay the fee after he bought tickets for his family online and filled in abbreviated names because the system did not allow him to type the names in full.

Once at the check-in counter, the traveller was told that the names on the tickets were not consistent with those on the passports. He was told to either pay extra to get the names changed or buy new tickets. The man decided to pay the fee and get the names on the tickets changed, Bangkok Post reported.

It is stated that the man informed the Thai staff that he was a valid member of Thai's Royal Orchid Plus loyalty programme and that should be enough to identify him. However, the staff did not budge and instead asked him to file a complaint by email to the carrier.

On Friday, Thai Airways clarified on Facebook and wrote: "We apologise for the inconvenience since the internet booking system allows up to 25 characters each for the first name and family name when booking a ticket."

The airline also agreed to reimburse the extra amount charged.

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