Ramadan 2024: No sale, display of Iftar snacks outside shops without permit in Sharjah

The permits will allow restaurants to serve customers during the daytime in the holy month


Ajanta Paul

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Published: Tue 27 Feb 2024, 1:39 PM

Last updated: Tue 27 Feb 2024, 10:53 PM

Shops and restaurants planning to prepare and sell food during daytime hours throughout Ramadan must obtain permits from the Sharjah City Municipality. The Islamic holy month is anticipated to begin on Tuesday, March 12, based on the latest astronomical calculations, and is expected to span the full 30 days.

On Tuesday, the authority announced the initiation of issuing the necessary permits for food outlets. This regulation extends to food outlets located within malls and shopping centers as well.

According to Sharjah Municipality, permits are required for displaying food outside shops before iftar time, applicable to restaurants, cafeterias, confectioneries, and pastry shops.

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There are two types of permits: one for displaying food during the day for preparation purposes, and another for snack displays in front of eateries just before iftar. The conditions that food outlets must adhere to are as follows:

Food preparation and sale permit during daytime:

  • Permit issuance fee: Dh3000.
  • Food must be served off-site
  • Receiving customers in the dining area is not allowed.
  • Food preparation and cooking are only allowed inside kitchens.

Food display permit for sale outside shops before iftar:

  • Permit issuance fee: Dh500
  • Food must be displayed on the front sidewalk (provided it's not sandy).
  • Food must be placed in non-corrosive metal containers and displayed in a glass box (no less than 100 cm) with a sliding or hinged door.
  • Food must be covered with aluminium foil or transparent food-grade plastic, using food-grade packaging materials.
  • Food must be stored at an appropriate temperature (not chilled or frozen).
  • The displayed food must be prepared at the establishment according to its permitted activity.

Service channel through which eateries can get permit:

  1. Al Nasiriyah center (Municipality drawing studio)
  2. Tasareeh centre
  3. Al Raqam Wahid centre
  4. Municipality 24 centre
  5. Al Khalidiya centre
  6. Al Suraa Wa Al Diqah centre
  7. Tawjeeh centre
  8. Al Malomat Centre - Branch 3
  9. Al Saada centre


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