Ramadan diet: How do you stay energetic in the last days of the holy month?

One may feel less energetic with changes in sleeping routine and reduction of food intake post-Iftar due to additional prayers

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Published: Fri 22 Apr 2022, 7:17 PM

The last ten day of fasting are quite special as Muslims around the world seek to observe Laylat Al Qadr (The Night of Power).

It’s considered the Night of Power, or the most blessed night of the year during Ramadan. Many people maximise their worship, stay awake at night for prayers and perform supplementary prayers. Therefore, physical health and strength is vital in these last ten days.

Since there will be changes in the sleeping routine and reduction of food intake post-Iftar due to additional prayers, one may feel less energetic and easily tired.

Also, if the quality of Iftar meals are non-nutritious calories, a person may not be able to sustain energy for the night prayers. Following tips can make us stronger and feel energetic for extra efforts during last ten days.


• Do not miss Suhoor as it is a blessed practice guided by Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). Eating a healthy Suhoor helps in sustaining the day without draining out energy towards evening.

• Some good examples of healthy Suhoor includes Talbina (porridge made with barley, honey and dates), oatmeal with nuts, omelet with flatbread or as simple as an avocado-banana smoothie made with almond milk.


• Drink plenty of water and stay hydrated between Iftar and Suhoor. Include hydrating foods such as oranges, melons, cucumbers, berries in iftar.

• Try to sip small amounts of water in between prayers at night.

• Limit caffeinated beverages and opt for lemonades or green tea.


• Do not over eat in Iftar. It will make you feel lazy and sluggish. Focus on quality of meals than quantity.

• Divide your meals from Iftar to Suhoor in small portions so that they provide energy bouts as you pray without making you lethargic.

• Avoid fried foods in Iftar; include healthy soups and low calorie juices to keep you hydrated well.


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