Ramadan diet: Covid survivors can fast during holy month

They should get a check-up and follow medical and nutrition advice

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By Fahmida Jafry

Published: Thu 21 Apr 2022, 9:45 PM

Is it safe for Covid-19 survivors to fast during Ramadan? Yes, they can, provided they get a check-up and follow medical and nutrition advice. Once approved by their medical practitioners, they can fast successfully in Ramadan. Following are some of tips to follow for a healthy Ramadan:


• Do not skip Suhoor or take it quite early at night.

• Suhoor meals should provide ample proteins and complex carbohydrates.

• Avoid acidic, spicy and oily foods at Suhoor. Include foods such as avocados, eggs, nuts, dairy and cheese to stay fuller for a long time.

• Fruits such as banana, berries, apple, figs and dates can provide micronutrients as well as antioxidants to help fight oxidative stress.


• Keep Iftar lighter and nutrient-dense.

• Break your fast with dates, plain water or coconut water along with a cup of fresh fruits.

• Post-prayer, have chicken, lentil or broccoli soup along with some proteins such as steamed fish, grilled chicken or beef steak.

• Opt for low carbohydrate accompaniments with meals. Hydrate with unsweetened fresh juice or lemon water, or buttermilk. Avoid high-fat milk shakes and smoothies.

• Stay active after Iftar. Light walking can help boost pulmonary health and improve digestion.

• Taking rest while fasting can help improve stamina and retain energy for the rest of the day.

• Overall, a healthy, balanced diet with regular intake of macro and micro nutrients goes a long way in recovering.

Fahmida Jafry, Clinical Dietician, Thumbay University Hospital

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