Xi’s Afro-Asia path

XI JINPING has unfurled his Asia-Africa strategy. On his first maiden overseas trip to Russia and African countries, the new Chinese president has made a strong diplomatic point.

He is apparently trying to cover up for the United States assertiveness in this part of the world, and to a great extent counter the Asia Pivot approach with a new geo-economic paradigm.

Xi choice of Moscow as his first destination is significant from the aspect that Russia is one of the world’s biggest energy producers and China is the world’s top energy consumer with a bilateral trade beyond the $88 billion mark. Similarly, China’s eagerness to tap the African continent is pro-business diplomacy. Beijing’s desire to tap Africa’s mineral wealth and liaison it with a choreographed investment strategy is bound to have far-reaching dividends for the regional and world economy. It is a smart move to not only harness the local resources but also to invest in the future of the Dark Continent. In the same vein, Beijing’s desire to see Brics emerge as a consolidated power icon of economics and politics is a good omen, as it encompasses world’s almost one-third of population and near to half of global economy.

China by underscoring the need for geo-economics in interstate relations has set a new precedent wherein military alliances have taken a backseat. The good point is that Xi didn’t explore militarism with the Russian leadership and kept his conversation glued to energy and investment deals. This balanced and pragmatic approach should equally find a place in the corridors of White House.

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