Sharjah puts safety of residents above profits

Residents don't mind the commute to work in Dubai because Sharjah has everything to offer them.

Sharjah should be lauded for taking steps to regulate its real estate sector and moving to ensure the safety of its residents. New maintenance and fire safety measures will make the emirate's residential buildings more appealing to those people who are drawn to the city for its easy charm and affordability. Costs of living are low in this emirate when compared to larger cities like Abu Dhabi and Dubai. Sharjah is a favourite destination for families with an eye on budgets. A larger apartment in the city can be rented for half the price when compared to neighbouring Dubai.
Residents don't mind the commute to work in Dubai because Sharjah has everything to offer them even if it means extra time on the road braving the traffic. To top it all, it's also the cultural hub of the UAE with the best of both worlds. Sharjah's attractions have brought an influx of people from people of all nationalities and walks of life - bachelors, families; Emiratis and expats. The city is growing into the outskirts, new structures are coming up, facilities are being added as the government adopts smart technology for improved administration.
While all these developments are happening, some core concerns remain. Like the one on maintenance of apartment blocks and fire safety measures that residents have raised with the authorities. Fires have been often breaking out in the emirate because scheduled electrical and other maintenance work have not been done in some buildings. Recently, the emirate came up with a law that made it mandatory for landlords to pay to put out fires.
The issue here is accountability, which the government is keen to enforce. Who is responsible and who will pay for violations? Landlords and realtors should keep their end of rental contracts that are signed with tenants annually. It's one thing to have regulations, but it's another to enforce them. With the Sharjah government deciding to act on this front, residents' safety concerns will be put at rest.

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