Killings in Kenya

Africa is rapidly sliding into chaos at the hands of militants.

The return of Al Shabab to Kenya after having maimed people in Somalia and elsewhere is a sign that cross-border terrorism is on the rise. The latest gruesome incident is of mass killings on a bus in Kenya, wherein people were slaughtered on recognition of their faith. This is highly condemnable and the regional states have no choice but to stand up against Al Shabab, Boko Haram and the likes and exterminate them.

Reports say at least 28 people were shot dead on a bus on its way to Nairobi. The passengers were profiled on the basis of religion and then all the non-Muslims on the bus were killed. The despicable group says it was in retaliation to recent attacks and raids on mosques in Mombasa. That argument is devoid of logic and cannot hold the water for indulging in crimes against humanity.

Not different is the tale of Boko Haram in Nigeria that is involved in a killing spree, and also in illicit act of abducting women and forcefully converting them. They do this in the definition of their own self-concocted belief and ideology and inevitably bring a bad name to the peaceful religion of Islam. The ISIS and Al Qaeda in the Middle East, Taleban in Southwest Asia and these disgruntled militant groups in west and east Africa are out to defame the Muslims and are, in fact, doing a great disservice to humanity and world peace.

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