Every person is gifted

Published: Sun 27 Jan 2019, 7:50 PM

Last updated: Sun 27 Jan 2019, 9:50 PM

In a world where talents are restricted to specific fields, Japanese consultant Marie Kondo has opened our eyes to the innumerable ways a person can be gifted. Punctuality, organisational abilities, honesty and so on are qualities which one doesn't expect to get fame from. But Kondo has proved the contrary; she has shown the world that many of us have special talents. It's up on us to understand our abilities and find creative ways to present them to the world. Organisational skills could be simple, but they are qualities not many have, especially in the current era where we see many people who are disorganised and live a disoriented life. Marie Kondo has realised this and has presented it in an innovative form. She has proved that no talent is to be belittled. Her simple method of selection based on joy has won people's heart and she has approached them in their own language of simplicity.
-Hella Musammil, Sharjah

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