Democracy wins, politics, media lose

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Democracy wins, politics, media lose

Published: Thu 10 Nov 2016, 10:20 AM

Last updated: Thu 10 Nov 2016, 12:24 PM

This is it. It can happen only in the United States. The unthinkable.
A president who the liberal media said no one liked. Many believed every word of it, revelling in the abuse by columnists and opinion writers who claimed to know it all. They joined the chorus without pausing for a moment and thinking what ordinary Americans feel on the ground.
They ignored calls for change America needed after eight years under the Obama administration that has made the once mighty United States into a bit player on the world stage.
Why, the current administration has been too tame to act even at home and
quell racial tensions. A Black president would have been better equipped to handle the situation, was the conventional wisdom. Wrong again. Hillary Clinton was in the same Obama mould.
She personified continuity and a proximity to the ruling elite that rural America
has come to despise. On Tuesday, she didn't see it coming as she reposed her faith in a fawning media that endorsed her without question. She had the manners to be president, Trump had the mojo which made the difference.She had millions, even billions to run a machine-like campaign, Trump had the silent majority on his side. She built connections with Wall Street while an emo-tional wall appeared in the way she connected with working class America.Trump represents bad politics in the conventional sense.
He's not even conservative, but the way he has been portrayed by a partisan media puts the system of news gathering under a cloud. We would go so far as to call it corrupt. The biggest losers in this election have been the US media with their liberal hogwash that spoke nothing of liberation. This election season has been a test of dwindling faith in institutions and the people who run it. Yet, there is hope.America has spoken - democratically.
Let's respect the verdict.

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