Viral videos: From a cat massaging a dog to a duck outsmarting a tiger, these animal clips will amaze you

Watching a tiger hunt its prey can be thrilling. However, this clip will tickle your funny bone

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Published: Sat 1 Jul 2023, 2:52 PM

Last updated: Fri 20 Oct 2023, 9:34 AM

Animal videos have the power to make everyone giggle and sometimes trigger curiosity.

Whether it’s a cat giving a massage to a dog or a manta ray flying out of the water, such content serves as the best dose of entertainment.

Below we have compiled some viral animal videos that amazed us this week.

Duck outsmarts tiger

Watching a tiger hunt its prey can be thrilling. However, this video will tickle your funny bone.

Here, a duck is seen outsmarting a tiger as the big cat tries to hunt it. The duck, which is in a pond with the predator, dives underwater every time the tiger comes close to it.

Hunter becomes the target

It is rare to see a predator falling prey to another animal. In the video, an alligator ends up getting eaten by a crocodile as it stealthily moves to hunt a bird.

Flying manta ray

This spectacular moment shows a manta ray leaping out of the ocean before diving back. What makes the video more fascinating is that a bird is seen flying past the manta ray.

Rhino and hippo face-off

It is always intriguing to watch the interaction between different species. In a video shared widely on the Internet, we saw a rhino and hippopotamus coming face to face. The hippopotamus constantly bothers the rhino, who initially remains calm but then responds by chasing the animal away.

Dog throws tantrums

Pet dogs can be pretty dramatic, especially when they don’t get what they want. And if you are a dog parent, this video may resonate with you. It features a furball who lies down on the mat and moves its legs and head while waiting for food.

Cat giving a massage to a dog

Most of us believe that cats and dogs are age-old rivals. However, this video shows an unlikely interaction between the two animals. Here, a cat channels her inner masseuse for a dog, who is seen relaxing on a street.


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