Gitex 2021: 7 of the coolest innovations from the tech show

KT Photo/M Sajjad
KT Photo/M Sajjad

Dubai - From virtual reality-augmented reality to sustainable cars and more, this event offers more than just technology.

By Mahwash Ajaz

Published: Thu 21 Oct 2021, 8:37 PM

Last updated: Thu 21 Oct 2021, 9:30 PM

The Gulf Information Technology Exhibition (Gitex) Global 2021, which started on October 17 and ends on Thursday (October 21), is an unmissable event for anyone who is interested in not just technology but also super cool interactive and innovative experiences.

The UAE’s wise and visionary rulers have made frequent visits to the exhibition — the first such event since the raging Covid-19 pandemic that started early last year.

Visitors, who flocked to the venue while complying with strict Covid-19 protocols, underscored how Dubai is winning over the contagion challenge with consummate ease.

Here are some of the coolest experiences the show had to offer.

The VR-AR booth at Huawei

The virtual reality-augmented reality booth at Huawei technologies helps you interact in real time with elephants, giraffes and I think I even saw a unicorn! In a giant safari-like booth, the widescreen uses augmented reality to give you an experience that will be fun. Their booth also has a VR experience for sky exploration.


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The 5G benefits showcased by Ericsson

If you’re curious about the 5G technology and what it can do for you in daily life, you can head to the Ericsson booth. You can take a look at what role 5G can play in your daily life. Whether you want to stream a video call to your parents back home (expats will simply love this!) or you want to have your uninterrupted gaming experience, you can use 5G technology to have seamless connectivity.

Robotic Hand and a robot that can save your life!

A sensor can detect the motion of your hand and move exactly like it. Can’t believe it? A robotic hand like this can do wonders in the field of medicine.


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A robot is also there for a similar purpose. It can help in bomb defusal and check baggage at airports to scan hazardous materials.


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Robotic Dog that doesn’t bump into you!

You might want to rub your eyes for this one because it sure doesn’t feel real. Who remembers Jetsons? This dog marches past you and doesn’t bump into you and it may possibly help in the field of security and helping those who require assisted living.


The robot dog at Gitex Global 2021. #fyp #uae #dubai #mydubai #robotics #technology

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Automated servers that smile and wink

Too tired to serve your guests? The maid is playing truant. Waiters are unavailable. Need a break? Use these servers who smile and wink at you as they move around. They have sections in their bodies, which can be used to place items.


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Avatar inspired sustainable car

The James Cameron movie has inspired a sustainable car from Mercedes. This car uses many materials which are sustainable and is ‘leather-free’. While it may not be available as is to customers, the technology and the materials used in the car will hopefully be rolled out soon to create a sustainable future for our planet.


The Avatar inspired car at Gitex Global 2021. #cars #fyp

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Airspeeder that can ‘race in the air’

This airspeeder is going to change the future of racing forever and possibly the future of mobility. The car can race in the ‘air’ and has a sensor for possible collisions. Shaped like a shark, it can travel upto 120 kilometres per hour (kmph) and around six feet above the ground.


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