Dubai Police arrest murderer wanted for 20 years 

Dubai Police arrest murderer wanted for 20 years 

Dubai - The police launched an investigation and checked the data and trace the person, but in vain


Amira Agarib

Published: Wed 13 Dec 2017, 3:22 PM

The Dubai Police have arrested an Asian man who was wanted for murders in his country for over 20 years, even though he tried to give cops a slip by tweaking the data and photo on his passport.
Colonel Said Al Ayali, director of the Wanted Section of the Criminal Investigation Department, said that the Dubai Police received through the Interpol a red bullet on the wanted person with his data of his passport 20 years ago and his old photo. It also notified that arrest warrant had been issued against the Asian for murders, and he could be living in the UAE.
The police launched investigation and checked the data and trace the person, but in vain. On rechecking the criminal records with sophisticated system, they found uncanny resemblance between the old pictures of the wanted man and an Asian man who had been a resident of UAE for a year and a half.
The police compared the photos. Their suspicion led them to nab the Asian. They found his fingerprints matching with that of the wanted man. The Asian admitted that he was involved in the killing of a number of people due to financial quarrels or ethnic differences. He remained elusive for 20 years and carried out trade over the last two decades in many countries. He procured passports by changing data and his image.
The Asian man said he sneaked into Dubai one and a half years back by making changes to his passport data. He said he did not expect to be arrested in Dubai as he had lived without being traced in several countries all these years.
Al Ayali said that the authorities of the Asian country from which the man hails have been informed about his arrest.
He added that the sophisticated system of the department had contributed to the arrest of many such criminals, even though most of them change data to get passport. The Dubai Police have adopted several measures to detect them with international cooperation and extradited such wanted persons.

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