60-year-old murderer seeks release after 16 years in Dubai jail

60-year-old murderer seeks release after 16 years in Dubai jail

Dubai - Uzbekistani had received life term and deportation for choking a Russian woman to death


Sherouk Zakaria

Published: Tue 26 Dec 2017, 2:33 PM

Last updated: Tue 26 Dec 2017, 4:46 PM

A 60-year-old man requested the Court of First Instance on Monday to release him after spending 16 years in jail over premeditated murder and kidnapping charges.

The Uzbekistani received life sentence and deportation back in 2001 for choking a Russian woman to death and throwing her body from the seventh floor apartment where she stayed in, after he failed to kidnap her.

Appearing before the court on a wheelchair, the convict told judges that he had health problems and that he wished to finish his sentence and go home. He submitted a report to the judges.

"Do you have anything to prove your health problems?" asked the judge. The convict answered: "The papers I have given you prove so, and the rest is with Rashid Hospital."

According to records, the court had previously rejected a release request made by the convict last year after a prosecution note was submitted to the court with a rejection request.

Court records also showed that the convict was involved in a murder case in prison and another case of attempting to slip in "illegal substances" in jail. However, the court had ruled his innocence in the first case and dismissed the second for insufficient evidence.

"The accusations indicate that the accused wasn't of good conduct in jail, which hints at criminal risk and completing his penalty will deter further violations until he improves his behaviour in jail," read the rejection note.

The convict had also presented the court with a medical report proving that he's diagnosed with Hepatitis B-C and that he's struggling with hypertension and Asthma that's keeping him on medications, according court records.

Article 45 of Federal Law No. (43) of 1992 regulating Penal Institutions allows those sentenced to life imprisonment to submit a release request after spending 15 years in jail. The request is then submitted to the general prosecution to investigate the request and the convict's conduct in prison before forwarding the file with a note to the court that had ruled the life sentence.

The verdict on the request will be issued on January 22.

The Uzbekistani convict was arrested in 2001 when he arranged to kidnap a Russian prostitute who had fled from a Turkistani man.

The latter, who brought the woman on a visit visa in exchange of $3,000 and forced her to practise prostitution, ordered the convict to kidnap her and get her back for a payment of $300. The Russian woman had fled from her 24-year-old employer at the time after consistent mistreatment and exploitation, as he refused to pay her.

The convict had stormed into her apartment and tried to drag her by force but failed when she strongly resisted. He then made a phone call to her employer explaining the situation and the latter ordered him to bring her in any way even by force. Angered by her resistance, he choked her to death before throwing her body out of the apartment on the seventh floor in Al Rigga.

Prosecutions records showed that the convict admitted to the kidnap attempt but denied the murder charge. Investigations and medical records proved the murder charge against him.

The employer also admitted to the kidnapping arrangement and was accordingly sentenced to life imprisonment for the kidnap that led to the woman's murder, and additional five years for using her to make profit through prostitution.


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