Boy gets new lease of life, thanks to Mahzooz and Al Jalila Foundation

Reuters photo used for illustrative purpose
Reuters photo used for illustrative purpose

Dubai - Doctors perform surgery on teenager who was suffering from a rare disorder that caused cysts to grow in his mouth


Saman Haziq

Published: Tue 14 Sep 2021, 9:11 PM

Last updated: Tue 14 Sep 2021, 9:14 PM

While the millionaire live draw Mahzooz is known to transform lives of people by making them win big prize money, this time it has come to the rescue of an ailing teenager.

Ewings, the managing operator of the weekly live draw, has recently helped in funding the treatment of 13-year-old Abdulrahman, who was suffering from a rare disorder that caused a number of cysts to grow inside his mouth.

Ewings signed an agreement with Al Jalila Foundation to support them with funding for the boy’s life-saving treatment.

Describing her son’s predicament, his mother said: “My son Abdulrahman had a rare medical condition, where a number of cysts grew inside his mouth. He has been suffering from consistent pain, and is unable to eat, sleep or play. Upon the medical examination, doctors at the Rashid Hospital advised that he needs an urgent surgery to remove the cysts. I felt helpless because we don’t have a medical insurance and can’t afford the cost of the surgery. Thankfully, the hospital referred me to Al Jalila Foundation which in turn was able to secure the required amount for the surgery.”

The surgery was made possible through Al Jalila Foundation’s new online crowdfunding platform called A’awen Giving, where every dirham donated goes directly to help a patient in need. The foundation had launched the crowdfunding campaign as part of their ‘A’awen’ programme to meet the cost of the child’s surgery and treatment. The programme alleviates some of the financial burden of patients suffering from life-threatening illnesses who are unable to afford quality healthcare.

As per the contribution agreement, Ewings, on behalf of Mahzooz, has donated the remaining amount for the surgery.

“I’m thankful that I live in the UAE where people stand by each other. I feel relieved now and I’m grateful to everyone who helped us so my son can get back to his normal life,” concluded the mother.

“Contributing to noble causes is always on top of the priority list of Mahzooz. We will continue to extend our support to people in need through our community partners like Al Jalila Foundation. This agreement is one of the many endeavours that underlines Ewings’ commitment to giving back to the community,” said Farid Samji, CEO, Ewings.

“Nothing gives us greater joy than to work with our donors and partners to help patients regain their health. We appreciate the contribution from EWINGS which will bring a ray of hope to Abdulrahman and his family and will inspire the community to make a difference to the lives of patients in need,” said Dr Abdulkareem Sultan Al Olama.

Talking about the foundation’s new crowdfunding platform that was launched on July 14 this year, Olama said: “I am delighted to introduce our new online crowdfunding platform, A’awen Giving, which makes supporting our patients’ treatment journey easier than ever before. Al Jalila Foundation hopes to increase the ease with which donors can contribute to patient’s treatment to make a positive difference to their lives. The new platform is quick with no administration fee and funds raised from this platform go directly towards patient treatment. You have the option to be either a registered user or simply make a one-time donation.”

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