Prophet Muhammad the purest of men: Shaikh Mohammed


Dubai - "This is the birthday anniversary of the most pure human ever born, the best of all creatures"

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Published: Sun 11 Dec 2016, 2:17 PM

Last updated: Thu 22 Jun 2023, 2:40 PM

As the entire Islamic world is celebrating the birthday anniversary of Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him), His Highness Shaikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum- Vice-President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai calls for following this role model of mercy and tolerance

In a number of posts on his official twitter account, he said it is time to mark the auspicious occasion - also known as Miladunnabi.

"This is the birthday anniversary of the most pure human ever born, the best of all creatures."

"His mission (peace be upon him) has been but a mercy to all mankind and his inspiring biography has been guidance to the entire creatures; all of them."

Urging, Shaikh Mohammed said the Miladunnabi anniversary is a precious opportunity for the whole world to mull over the greatest ever example of mercy, tolerance, peace, and ethics in human history. "He is the messenger of mercy, peace and Islam."

Islamic researcher Dr Mohammed Ashmawy said: "To celebrate this occasion is not only by exchanging greetings, sweets, and gifts, but rather by following the ethics of the Prophet (PBUH) who was a role model in all good manners."

Celebrating the Milad Al Nabi is not only for one single day, he added. "It is rather all the year round, or even a lifestyle based on tolerant, honest and respectful dealings.

This year, Abu Khalid, Syrian, said he collected his children and grandchildren in his house. "I briefed them on the Prophet's biography, enlightened them about his ethics, and then we recited some chapters of the holy Quran, and gives prayers and praise to the Prophet (PBUH)."

"As was the case with the Prophet (PBUH) whose ethics were a true reflection of the good manners promoted in the Holy Quran, we should all mirror these refined principles," said Sherif Al Wakeel, Egyptian

Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) is widely believed to have been born in Mecca, in present day Saudi Arabia, in AD 570. Though the precise date of his birth remains unclear, Muslims around the world celebrate his birthday, also known as 'Milad Al Nabi' or 'Mawlid', on 12th day of the lunar month of Rabi'al-awwal every year.

Dr Ashmawy said that the way to celebrate the auspicious occasion is still an issue of argument, mainly as the prophet himself never celebrated his birthday. "The Prophet's companions and early followers did not celebrate this day as well."

Accordingly it is recommended to mark the day by adhering to his ethics, rather than exchanging gifts, eating sweets, and marching, he underlined. "Also, the best way to celebrate the occasion is to devotedly learn the teachings of the Prophet (PBUH), teach them to others, particularly our children, and closely follow and observe them."

Islamic Researcher Dr Mahmoud Saleh said the Prophet (PBUH) was and shall always be a shiny exemplary model for good ethics everywhere and at all times. "His good manners, mercy, tolerance, discipline, compassion, as well as his reasonable and attractive way of dealing with people speak volume that the non-Muslims and even enemies of Islam could not help praise him.

Islamic department marks Milad Al Nabi

Meanwhile, the department of Islamic Affairs and Charitable Activities in Dubai has marked the anniversary at the Grand Rashidiya mosque in the presence of a big number of scholars, senior officials, dignitaries, media people, and the public as is the case every year

Yusra Al Qaud, manager of religious guidance with the department, said the Milad Al Nabi is one of the most auspicious occasions in the Islamic Calendar that is celebrated on an annual basis.

"It is a precious opportunity to refresh our faith and live anew the teachings of this great prophet who has been a savior to all mankind that we all need to read about him and know how merciful he was with living and non-living things."

The function started with a beautiful recitation of the holy Quran by Shaikh Alaa Hamza, followed by a spiritually inspiring speech by the Grand Mufti of Dubai Dr Ahmed Abdulaziz Al Haddad.

"Marking the Prophet's birthday anniversary is aimed to live the supreme principles of tolerance, as well as love, respect, sympathy and peaceful coexistence with all mankind as always advised by Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)."

To live the ethics and teachings of Prophet is the best way to celebrate this important occasion, he added. "This way, we will find relief, comfort, and happiness in life and the Hereafter."

Dr Mohamed Afarkhas, a senior preacher with the department, said the prophet's method was all about tolerance, and that was his way of teaching his companions and followers. "Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) was a mercy to all creatures."

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