Several hurt as family dispute ends in brawl in RAK

Several members from the two families sustained minor to moderate injuries due to the fight that ensued after a heated argument.

By Ahmed Shaaban/senior Reporter

Published: Mon 29 Jun 2015, 2:09 AM

Last updated: Fri 10 Jul 2015, 6:27 PM

Ras Al Khaimah – A heated argument between two Emirati families lead to a brawl in Ras Al Khaimah, which injured several members of the two families.

According to a police source, the scuffle, due to personal disputes and heated argument,  took place early on Saturday.

“However, the RAK Police managed to put the situation under control.”

The Central Operations Room, having been alerted about the fight, dispatched paramedics, an ambulance, a security police patrol to the site.

“Several members from the two families sustained minor to moderate injuries due to the fight that ensued after a heated argument.” 

The case file has been referred to the RAK Public Prosecution for further interrogation and legal action.

 “All members of the society should steer away from such violence which is totally against the peaceful traditions of the UAE society.”  Scuffle or any type of violence is punishable by law, he warned.

 “Should anyone of the public have a problem, it is better to settle the dispute, if any, in an amicable way, or else resort to the police.” Few days back, two Emirati young men received deep cuts and serious injuries in a fight which took place at a billiards hall in Ras Al Khaimah.

“However, the RAK Police managed to arrest all the assailants who used knives, swords and sharp weapons in the fight in a record time.”

Brigadier Abdullah Khamis Al Hadidi, director-general of the police operations at RAK Police, said the law enforcement bodies here shall never tolerate anyone involved in abusing, selling or fighting with cold weapons.

“Such illegal practices have nothing to do with our peaceful customs and traditions,” he said, urging young men to be more tolerant and patients and settle their disputes with others in an amicable way.

Brigadier Hadidi indicated that more precautionary measures have been taken to curb such negative incidents.

“Security patrols, Criminal Investigation Department men, and undercover agents have been deployed at youth gatherings, sports halls, and entertainment venues to enhance security and order in the emirate.”

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