Mystery death of officer in Ras Al Khaimah solved

The RAK Police late on Wednesday solved the mystery behind the death of a 54-year-old Emirati officer.

Published: Thu 29 May 2014, 8:28 AM

Last updated: Fri 3 Apr 2015, 5:23 PM

The corpse of the victim, identified only as A.A.A., was found in his car which fell down a deep valley at the Dafta area to the south of the emirate of Ras Al Khaimah.

Brigadier Mohammed Al Nubi Mohammed, Deputy Chief Commandant of the RAK Police, said the victim’s wife and two other partners proved to have killed the officer who is also a lawyer.

“The CID teams of RAK Police initiated intensive investigations and collected all possible evidence until they successfully identified the real reasons behind the man’s death.”

Brigadier Abdullah Khamis Al Hadidi, Director General of the police operations, RAK, the case unfolded when they were alerted about the deceased. All the bodies concerned rushed to the site.

“The evidence collected aroused the CID teams’ suspicion that the man was premeditatedly murdered rather than killed in a traffic accident because the victim’s legs were tied.”

The corpse was referred to the forensic medicine section of the RAK Police. “The official autopsy issued showed that the deceased sustained several fatal injuries and fractures all over his body, particularly in the head, nose, neck, and spine.”

Brigadier Al Hadidi stated that the field teams started collecting all possible information about the victim’s family, friends and colleagues, and if there were any recent disputes with anyone else.

“When confronted with the evidence collected, the victim’s wife, identified only as R.A.H., Emirati, along with two other accomplices; H.A.S, Emirati, and A.Z., an Asian driver who used to work for the father of the first murderer, admitted to their crime.”

The wife said she was the master mind behind the assassination of her husband due to unbearable long and complicated family disputes, Brig Al Hadidi noted. “She said she decided to kill him though they have been married for years and have a number of children.”

The woman even confessed that she had tried to kill him several times before, but could not make it. “Therefore, she decided to kill him in accomplice with the Emirati man whom she hired to do the job against Dh100,000, and pledged to pay all his financial dues.”

Brig Al Hadidi said the Emirati killer hired the Asian driver of his father against Dh10,000 which the woman paid as well. “The sinful wife put fast-acting sleeping pills in her husband’s food and drink to keep him helpless and unable to resist or fight back.”

The woman had further kept her children in their room at the upper floor, closed all the windows and curtains of the house, and turned off all the lights, he said. “She then let her partners in from a side door and escorted them to her the room of husband who was fall asleep.”

Brig Al Hadidi said the two men attacked the deceased, muzzled his mouth, and gave him two insulin injections that he lost his power and consciousness, but was still alive. “The two murderers then put the husband at the sitting room as earlier agreed.”

However, the woman changed her mind, and asked the men to put her husband’s corpse in one of his cars which she had already prepared, and pushed him down a steep valley.

“The Emirati murderer put the victim at the front seat next to the driver while the Asian driver sat the back seat, and then drove the car of the Emirati killer to the Ham Valley at Dafta area, RAK,” he said.

Brig Al Hadidi said the two murderers stopped the car of the victim at the edge of the valley, stepped down, put the car on Drive position that it fell down the valley. “The victim sustained several gruesome injuries and fractures, particularly in the neck and spine due to the grave fall, and these put an end to the victim’s life.”

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