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Abu Dhabi to house largest AC bus shelter in the region

Abu Dhabi to house largest AC bus shelter in the region

Abu Dhabi - Bus shelters will almost double across Abu Dhabi this year.


Ismail Sebugwaawo

Published: Sun 12 Aug 2018, 10:05 PM

Last updated: Mon 13 Aug 2018, 12:14 AM

A mega bus shelter project is being built opposite to the main Abu Dhabi city bus terminal, according to Department of Transport (DoT) officials. The facility can accommodate around 60 passengers and will be the biggest air-conditioned bus shelter in the region. 
The authorities also said bus shelters will almost double across Abu Dhabi this year with the establishment of 100 new air-conditioned shelters on various roads of the city. As many as 600 new bus shelters would be put up across the Abu Dhabi islands, Abu Dhabi suburbs, Al Ain and the Western Region to meet growing demands.
Ahmed Ateeq Al Mazrouei, advisor to the chairman of the DoT, head of buses and water ferries team, told Khaleej Times 400 bus-stop shelters will be added in Abu Dhabi city and suburbs and the Al Dhafra region and 200 shelters in Al Ain by end of 2020.
During the first phase of the project to be completed this year, the DoT said it will install 100 new air-conditioned bus-stop shelters in Abu Dhabi. Seventy of these new bus shelters have been installed and 23 are already in use. The remaining 30 bus shelters will be in place by end of the year. The first phase of the project will cost Dh35 million, according to DoT.
The introduction of new and modern bus shelters followed complaints from the commuters about the shortage of shelters in busy areas and faulty air conditioners in the old shelters, according to authorities.
Renovation of old facilities
Currently, there are 130 old shelters at various bus stops in Abu Dhabi. The DoT said it has upgraded these old facilities - replacing air conditioners, installing lights and giving them new shapes to meet the new standards. 
"The bus shelters project is in line with the increasing demand of the public transport users especially buses because of its varied and integrated routes. It is convenient and helps provide services at various points and regions, including business communities, shopping centres, hotels, government and semi-governmental institutions and other vital areas," said Al Mazrouei.
The DoT official said that 20 of the new 100 shelters in Abu Dhabi, will be constructed using cargo containers. These containers have been selected due to their high capacity and fast installation, especially in the city's high demand areas. These containers also have an added value reflected by their competitive cost.
The DoT has removed 62 old shelters in Abu Dhabi as part of an effort to eliminate distortions that negatively affect the overall appearance of the city.

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