The new etiquette for professionals

By Konkana Bakshi

Published: Thu 14 Jan 2021, 7:30 PM

We can’t stress enough on how life has changed for all of us and the amount we have all learned over the last year battling unprecedented moments. Still, look at the bright side! What doesn’t kill us, truly makes us stronger! One year of complete unpredictability, uncertainty, a year full of emotional and mental struggles has shaped many of us in good and bad ways.

Now that we have welcomed a new year with optimism, let us try and find a few ways we can be more productive yet mindful in our day-to-day professional lives.

1. Handling employee efficiency: Many of us are small to medium or even large business owners. Last year’s work-from-home scenario has made it extremely challenging for many of us to keep up with utmost efficiency. While there have been many layoffs, there are also organisations who have looked after their employees without any pay cut. Many companies are complaining about employees not working from home and their productivity having decreased considerably. In that case, the company and the team leader will have to set clear, written expectations right at the beginning. A team leader will have to be on top of his or her discipline and efficiency game for the team members to follow suit. A written reminder should be given immediately after any sign of disturbance during the working hour from home. The written document shouldn’t lack compassion for the situation but serve as a gentle reminder.

2. Encouragement and rewards: We have all learned the importance of being extra compassionate through this pandemic. There is so much uncertainty in everyone’s lives that an extra hand stretched on acknowledging a job well done and keeping an encouraging and optimising approach would not only help maintain an emotional balance between yourself, your colleague and your subordinates, but it would also enhance your team’s productivity. One of the biggest challenges in 2020 was monitoring and tackling employee efficiency. A team leader plays a crucial role in the team’s productivity by encouraging and rewarding them when deserved.

3. Be professional: Expecting milk of human kindness from your organisation is natural, but as an employee, one must also put the best foot forward with discipline and efficiency towards the workplace that is taking care of your financial security in this unprecedented time. Working from home needs a completely different environment for an uninterrupted and efficient professional life. Which, unless you are on top of your game, is often skewed. As a professional, this lifestyle change is crucial to having a home which doesn’t have a children’s orchestra playing behind a Zoom call.

Let’s face it. Work from home is the new normal. Getting dressed exactly how you would for your office, even for a Zoom call, is the new normal. Maintaining your official work timings and being available and dedicated towards your all your work commitments is professionalism.

Be professional, be an asset and be committed towards your profession. That’s how you actually grow in your career. There is no shortcut to success. And success is a choice, not a compulsion.

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