Iran gets opportunity to sell auto parts to Russian carmaker

Export of cars and car parts is not subject to US sanctions



Published: Tue 3 May 2022, 7:54 PM

A member of Iran’s syndicate of car parts manufacturers says Iranian producers have an opportunity to export their wares to a Russian carmaker, state media reported.

The late Monday report quoted Hossein Bahrainian as saying “a prominent Russian car maker” requested parts from Iran. He did not name the manufacturer. He said it requested brake parts, airbags, air-conditioner parts and other components.

Both Iran and Russia are under US sanctions but the export of Iranian cars and car parts is not subject to sanctions.

The import of automobiles to Iran is also not subject to sanctions. However, Tehran has not imported cars since 2018, after the S. withdrew from a nuclear deal between Iran and world powers and imposed oil and banking sanctions on Iran.

Western nations stopped exporting to Russia after the attacks on Ukraine.

Iran in recent years has exported car radiators and suspension systems to Russia. In the past it exported cars to Iraq, Syria and Venezuela.

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