Education indispensable for peace, say scholars

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Education indispensable for peace, say scholars
Panelists participating in the first session of the Al-Azhar International Peace Conference

Cairo - 'Terrorism is a heinous crime that spares no one'

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Published: Fri 28 Apr 2017, 12:00 AM

Last updated: Sat 29 Apr 2017, 2:37 PM

Education is indispensable to build a long-lasting peace, as it entirely fills the heart with a deep desire to adopt and promote peace, and steer away from violence.  
This has been affirmed by panelists participating in the first session of the Al-Azhar International Peace Conference on 'Peace challenges in contemporary world'.  
Dr. Philippe Bordeyne, President of the Catholic University of Paris, said without good manners that can only be instilled through education, there will be no room for peace. "Education is the best way to spread peace and counter terrorism."  
Dr. Abdulaziz Al-Twaijari, Director General of the Islamic Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation, said that violence does not represent Islam or any other religion. Terrorism is a heinous crime that spares no one."  
Conflict among superpowers to secure their interests is one of the main barriers to world peace, he added. "Such clash of interest has led to a big chaos in the Security UN Council which stands helpless and cannot protect peoples' rights because of a single veto from one of the big five."    Arms industry and trade is another reason for the same, he pointed out.
"This industry means markets and fields to try these weapons which are sometime mass destructive."  
Dr. Al-Twaijari said that fanaticism is not limited to a certain country and is growing everywhere. "Right-wing political parties in Europe have stirred up violence, accused Islam of promoting terrorism, and even call for kicking Muslim immigrants out of Europe."
International cupidities from big countries to take hold of and consume the wealth and resources of developing countries also take the blame, he stated.
"We should ensure a fair distribution of wealth."  
God is one for all religion, Dr. Al-Twaijari said. "He is the only to judge and hold them accountable," he said, noting that peace is one of the fundamental principles of Islam and all heavenly religions. 
Mahmoud Bakri, chief editor of Al Usbua weekly paper, said that the waves of terrorism started after the US and UK's invasion of Iraq. "The same happened after the attacks on Libya."  
Mohammed Abu Al Aineen, former parliament member, said there is an urgent need to adopt and enact a legislation that criminalizes any assault to any religion or religious figures.
"The latest blasphemous cartoon against religious figures has nothing to do with freedom of speech and must be stopped so as not to stir up violence."

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