Body of 10-month-old boy found two months after flash floods in Kurdistan

Child's identity confirmed by father from clothes.

AFP file photo
AFP file photo


Published: Sat 12 Feb 2022, 8:11 PM

The unidentified body of a toddler was found by police in the Iraqi region of Kurdistan on Saturday.

Erbil police announced that body of the child was discovered near Siyaw village, southwestern Erbil, following a detailed search, according to a news report.

Pictures shared alongside the police statement show the separated skull of the child, and his clothes.

He was identified as Danar Nabaz, a 10-month-old baby who was washed away with 11 others during the December floods.

The police had asked locals from the area to help identify the victim from the clothes obtained from the dead body.

Soon enough, Danar's father, Nabaz Salih, confirmed that the clothes belonged to his son, who was tragically swept away in the recent torrential rains.

Salih explained that when the floods hit his house he had held both his children, but all of a sudden they slipped out of his grip. “Danar was screaming but couldn't speak because his mouth was filled with mud. When I managed to grab Bahez (the other child), Danar was under the car,” the father said.

“He surfaced on top of the water raising his hands as if asking for help. He appeared and disappeared twice, and after that, I never saw him again,” Nabaz told a local news outlet.

After conducting medical examinations to confirm the identity of the body, the remains were handed over to Nabaz, in the presence of Erbil Governor Omid Khoshnaw.


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