Watch: Indian star Kamal Haasan promotes his latest film 'Vikram' at Burj Khalifa

Fans were treated to the trailer of the film which was projected on the world's tallest tower

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Supplied photo
Supplied photo

By Web Desk

Published: Wed 1 Jun 2022, 10:32 PM

Last updated: Fri 17 Jun 2022, 6:55 PM

Veteran Indian actor Kamal Haasan promoted his new action thriller, Vikram, on Dubai's Burj Khalifa on Wednesday night.

Fans were treated to the official trailer of the film which was projected on the world's tallest tower.

Following that, the actor thrilled the crowds, as he waved to them from a balcony of Address Downtown Hotel, as they responded with chants of “Vikram, Vikram” referring to the upcoming movie.

Earlier, the actor addressed press conference in town, where he spoke at length about his new project.

“There is a discernible difference nowadays in the quality of our films, thanks to all of this incredible technology. I could never imagine any of this 15 years ago when I was directing my film," the actor said.

The actor also spoke about the movie’s foray into the Metaverse. An NFT of the movie was launched at the recent Cannes Film festival.

When asked about his views on OTT movies, the actor said, “The rules have changed. films no longer need to be formulaic and play to industry norms.”

Vikram is slated for release on June 3 in Telugu, Tamil and Hindi at cinemas in the UAE.

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