Shelby to Roll Out Green Electric Supercar in 2010

DUBAI — American supercar company Shelby Supercars is developing its first green supercar — the ‘2010 Ultimate Aero EV’ — which it boasts will be the world’s fastest production electric car.

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Published: Sat 19 Dec 2009, 10:33 PM

Last updated: Mon 6 Apr 2015, 2:00 AM

Shelby, which is currently participating at the 2009 Dubai International Motor Show, said its 2010 Ultimate Aero EV, will adopt the technology used for its revolutionary All-Electric Scalable Powertrain, or AESP.

Shelby said it is confident that its first electric car, which it hopes to roll out next year, will be well-received by car enthusiasts in the Middle East.

“A unique mindset and approach to innovating groundbreaking technology is a fundamental necessity in order to be a viable entity in the supercar market. Being the producer of the world’s benchmark supercar, it was logical to broaden Shelby’s scope to developing cutting edge ‘green’ technologies,” said Jerod Shelby, president and chief executive oficer of Shelby SuperCars.

“The philosophical and problem solving synergies between the ‘green’ and supercar markets are strikingly identical and have led us to the next breakthrough in automotive technology.” Shelby said the ‘Ultimate Aero EV’ is set to prove that electric-powered vehicles not only match, but also provide more linear power, and overall performance than internal combustion cars.

The electric cars, will utilise a twin motor AESP, will have a 1000 brake horsepower, and 800 lb-ft of torque, enabling the vehicle to sprint from rest to 100 kilometers per hour in a mere 2.5 seconds, and reach a top speed of 334 km/h). The supercar will also have a three-speed automatic transmission, which can achieve electronically controlled shift times of 0.24 seconds by transferring the power to the supercar’s wheels.

In addition, Shelby Supercar’s nanotechnology rechargeable lithium battery pack, has a 200-mile range on a single charge, and is rechargeable on a standard 110 outlet through the proprietary ‘charge on the run’ onboard charging system.

Light weight at a mere 175 pounds, which is a fraction of the weight of a standard combustion, the AESP also boasts of liquid cooling systems, allowing it to run for extended periods of time at peak performance with no overheating issues. Further, it is also very compact, measuring 1/18 the space of a standard engine, providing significant increase in cargo room.

Shelby Supercar’s partner in the region, Ultimate Motors, said the ‘Ultimate Aero EV’ will deliver a pollution-free, engineering marvel with an exotic supercar exterior.

“We are confident that ‘Ultimate Aero EV’ will open up a new category of luxury supercars, which has a tremendous potential to gain a steady following within the regional market,” said Nasser Al Hai, president of Ultimate Motors.

The AESP has been developed by SSC Green Inc, the green division of Shelby Supercars. The powertrain, capable of being mass-produced, is a compact and power dense electric motor. It offers outputs of up to 500 brake horsepower in a single motor and twin motor configurations. In addition to its role in the ‘Ultimate Aero EV’, AESP applications range from 200 horsepower for economy and midsize cars, to 500 horsepower for light trucks and SUVs, and up to 1,000 horsepower for delivery trucks, heavy-duty equipment, buses and military vehicles.

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