SCA abides by Code of Professional Conduct and General Profession Ethics

ABU DHABI — The Emirates Securities and Commodities Authority, or SCA, continues to ensure the development of its human resources through training to sharpen their skills, chief executive Abdullah Al Turifi said.

Al Turifi said that the SCA has implemented the “Code of Professional Conduct and General Profession Ethics,” soon after being approved by the UAE Cabinet.

He urged SCA employees to adhere strictly to the code. He said the code, which is a guide for all SCA employees, regards serving the UAE and its people as a great honor and privilege which all should be proud of, adding that it also underscores the significance of human resources and the vital role it plays in uplifting the level of sustainable development in accordance with the strategy of the UAE federal government.

“By going through this document, one will observe clearly a major focus on the need for the general performance of employees to be within the framework of certain values and ethical principles which dictate the professional conduct of public office holders. This is to streamline the rhythm of government performance in a way that would reflect positively on the general public and uplift the performance of the government body involved to enable it compete advantageously among federal government entities,” Al Turifi said.

He pointed out that the principles contained in the document of the code and those contained in the SCA’s “Code of Conduct and Profession Dignity” from the Employee Guide complement each other.

The chief executive outlined the principles contained in the code, which, he said, include abiding fully by and respecting the dignity of public office, eschewing abuse of power that is associated with senior public offices, eschewing conflict of interest, abiding by the rules and regulations in the use of resources, refraining from any action or inaction that would impact negatively on employee’s works and duties, upholding the professional rules of engagement and upholding loyalty and allegiance to the state.

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