UAE: 3 platforms integrated to create massive database of medical records, help doctors provide better care

The 'Riayati' platform is expected to enhance healthcare experience in the country and help professionals care for patients better


Nandini Sircar

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Photo: MoHAP
Photo: MoHAP

Published: Tue 31 Jan 2023, 9:24 PM

The successful integration of ‘Riayati’, the National Unified Medical Record (NUMR), “Malaffi” and “Nabidh” platforms was announced on day two of the Arab Health.

The platform so far includes 1.9 billion medical records for 9.5 million patients, which can be accessed by over 90,000 health service providers in 3,057 medical facilities.

The UAE health authorities including the Ministry of Health and Prevention (MoHAP), Department of Health-Abu Dhabi (DoH), and Dhabi Health Authority (DHA) collaborated to electronically link the three platforms.

At a press conference held during the health event Dr Ahmed Ali Al Dashti, said, “The successful integration of ‘Riayati’, ‘Malaffi’ and ‘Nabidh’ is considered a remarkable achievement in the field of healthcare, as it enables healthcare providers to make better medical decisions that are aligned to patients’ needs and ensures providing a better healthcare experience for citizens and residents in the country."

Enhanced healthcare experience

Speaking on the occasion, Dr Hamed Ali Al Hashemi said, “The integration of three platforms in the UAE is a step in the right direction towards enhancing community health and safety. It will establish the country as a distinguished model for exchanging health information, highly regarded by other health systems in the region."

Al Hashemi added, “Data plays a crucial role in enhancing health systems. It helps doctors make decisions that perfectly suit patients and allows us to transform it into valuable information for developing programs and initiatives, creating policies, and improving the overall health of society. This further solidifies the UAE's position as a leader in digital health.”

Digital transformation in healthcare

Ali Al Ajmi said that the Unified National Health Platform aims to bring about a radical change in the digital transformation of the UAE’s healthcare sector, where it uses encryption to secure health information over a safe network.

The integration of the Department of Health-Abu Dhabi. “Malaffi”, and DHA’s "Nabidh" project into the Riayati platform has led to a significant increase in the number of medical records available on the system. Riayati platform has so far includes 1.9 billion medical records for 9.5 million patients, which can be accessed by over 90,000 health service providers in 3,057 medical facilities.

Al Ajmi stressed that the private sector plays a vital role in the success of the "Riayati" platform, saying that the ministry is pleased with the growing engagement of private entities in the platform. Their participation is important for the success of the project, and helps bring healthcare services up to international standards, he added.


While emphasizing the paramount importance of collaboration in crafting a healthcare model that stands tall among the finest in the world, Dr. Mohammad Al Redha stated that the successful integration of the three platforms into has been the result of the high level of coordination and shared goals between MoHAP, DHA and DoH.

Well-being of all citizens

For his part, Robert Denson, Acting CEO of Abu Dhabi Health Data Services ("Malaffi"), said that linking the three platforms with one another represents a crucial national accomplishment, as it realizes the UAE's strategic goal of delivering top-notch healthcare services and enhancing the well-being of all citizens. This is a continuation of our recent successes and ongoing efforts to enhance our platform.

The platform integration will facilitate access to patient health information by doctors and healthcare providers throughout the UAE, improving patient care. Furthermore, healthcare providers will gain access to over 1.4 billion health records from 2,500 healthcare organizations connected to Malaffi,” Denson added.


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