Restaurant Review: SAN Beach

Laraib Anwer dives into a wellness foodie experience

By Laraib Anwer

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Published: Thu 23 Feb 2023, 8:49 PM

As you enter the locus of SAN Beach, the realisation will probably hit you that this is more than just a dining experience. Located at The Club on Palm West Beach, SAN Beach, expectedly, opens to a view of the buzzing beach. As you enter the cave-like structure, the earthy tones, leafy greens and crystals placed at every turn and corner ooze a calm vibe.

The menu is made up of South African- and Greek-inspired cuisine. Majorly inspired by seafood and meats, the spot pays an ode to the elements of nature, namely the sea and land. As you sit down to eat, you will be able to witness a live kitchen, and a seafood bar with all sorts of fresh catch.

A classic starter choice would be their tiger prawn’s tempura made from battered fried giant prawns, tentsuyu, spicy mayo, and togarashi. For those who are looking to get a little bold, their selection of raw fish starters is a good pick. The Yellowtail Pomegranate is a combination of gently smoked yellowtail fish infused with pomegranate tiger’s milk, beetroot jicama, mint cream, and tapioca cracker.

For the mains, the lobster pasta is a delight to the eyes as well the stomach. With linguini rolled lobster pieces, the entourage is made in a way to show the entire lobster, with the pasta in between. For meat options, their classic USDA prime steak is tender and juicy, which is complemented by their in-house sauces. An exotic-yet-comforting choice of drink to go with your meal would be their coconut-infused drink, which comes straight from a coconut shell.

For the grand finale, their classic tiramisu is highly recommended. Even though it is such a common choice of dessert, the softness and foaminess adds a touch of difference, as the Italian dessert is nestled between marbles. For Japanese dessert lovers, the mochi platter is a fun and simple pick, with diverse flavours and choices. Be it the relaxing ambience, the South African ornaments and history decorating the place, or the simple-yet-promising touch to their dishes, San Beach is an experience to be had.

Taste: The menu emphasises mainly on their seafood and meats. The dishes bring out authentic flavours, filled with Asian influence and ingredients.

Ambience: With relaxing music, pastel and earthy tones across, and secluded-yet-somewhat sociable seating, the ambience provides utmost comfort.

Service: Dressed in traditional wear and robed in bright yellow clothes that are joyful to the eyes, the staff is helpful and provides requisite information.

Presentation: Presentation is done in a way that complements the natural colours of food, giving an eye-pleasing as well as Instagram-worthy moment.

Value for money: For anyone looking to unwind by the beach while devouring fancy bites, San Beach is a must try taking into consideration its food, ambience and vibe.

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