Treat your Valentine with a home-cooked meal with these must-try recipes

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, here’s all the inspiration you need

By Troy Payne

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Published: Thu 9 Feb 2023, 8:08 PM

Sesame coated sweet potato croquettes with romesco sauce

Croquette mix:

• 500 gm sweet potato

• 50 gm corn starch

• 12 gm sugar

• 5 gm cinnamon

• 5 gm allspice

• 20 gm sweet paprika

• 200 gm cheddar

• Sesame seeds and panko to coat

Dry roast sweet potato, peel and puree.

Add starch, sugar, spices and grated cheddar.

Roll in flour, egg wash and then raw sesame seed and panko breadcrumbs.

When required fry in hot oil


• 80 gm roasted red peppers

• 5 gm garlic

• 125 gm roasted hazelnuts (skinless)

• 20 gm smoked paprika

• 125 gm olive oil

• 40 gm sherry vinegar

• 10 gm parsley

• seasoning

Roast and peel red peppers.

Blend with remaining ingredients.

Pan roasted crispy skinned salmon with seeded cous cous pilaf and sautéed broccolini

120 gm salmon (with skin on)

100 gm seeded cous cous

80 gm steamed Broccolini

Seeded cous cous:

• 100 gm steamed couscous

• 10 gm pomegranate seeds

• 10 gm soaked and chopped golden raisins

• 10 gm chopped toasted almonds

• 10 gm pumpkin seeds

• 10 gm sesame seeds

• 10 gm sunflower seeds

• 20 gm melted butter

• Seasoning

Cook cous cous as per packet instructions, then add butter and make nice and fluffy with a fork or whisk.

Next add seeds, raisins, almonds and pomegranate, mix to combine.

Season all sides of salmon portion with salt and pepper, then roast in pan skin side down until golden brown and crispy, flip to finish cooking.

Blanch or steam broccolini then season and add small amount of butter.

To serve, place the cous cous in bowl, place broccolini next to it, place fish skin side up on top and serve a wedge of fresh lemon with it.

Soft baked double chocolate chip cookie

• 300 gm caster sugar

• 300 gm brown sugar

• 300 gm butter

• 3 egg

• 10 ml vanilla essence

• 2.5 gm salt

• 750 gm plain flour

• 20 gm baking powder

• 125 gm dark chocolate

• 125 gm white chocolate

Place sugars and butter in mixer and whip until fluffy.

Add 1 egg at a time until combined.

Then add remaining ingredients and blend until combined.

Portion into 150 gm pucks.

When ready to cook, place 1 portion/puck into bake safe bowl and bake at 180 degrees for 12 mins.

Remove from oven, top with your favourite ice cream and serve immediately.

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