Recipe of the day: Bao Avocado Bun

Don’t forget to try out some delicious yet nutritious plant-based recipes before the month of Veganuary comes to an end

By Riccardo Pinna

Published: Thu 19 Jan 2023, 7:41 PM

Last updated: Mon 23 Jan 2023, 2:28 PM

From savoury lunch to scrumptious dinner, introduce this dish on the menu for an ideal meal at home

Bao Avocado Bun


•200 gm plain flour

•1 spoon sugar

•Dry yeast

•20 ml water

•10 ml soya milk

•Sunflower oil

•1 spoon of white vinegar or rice vinegar


Mix the flour with the yeast and sugar

Add the milk, vinegar, and oil with the salt

Mix into a dough for 10 minutes

Let the dough rise for 2 hours

Roll the dough and cut pieces of 3 cm each

Create an oval shape of 3mm

Let it rise again for 1 hour 30 minutes.

Steam the bun for about 10 minutes


Peel the avocado, add lime juice, olive oil, fresh peeled tomatoes, cilantro, chopped spring onions, salt and pepper

Peel the mango, cut it in brunoise, add lime juice, sweet chilly, black pepper, cilantro, and lemon zest to taste

Plate and serve as per the photo above

Riccardo Pina is the executive chef at Sheraton Maldives Full Moon Resort and Spa

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