A touch of Paris in Dubai

Le Gourmet Dubai continues tradition of the concept in Galeries Lafayette in Paris


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Walid Farah, Head of F&B, Le Gourmet, Galeries Lafayette
Walid Farah, Head of F&B, Le Gourmet, Galeries Lafayette

Published: Mon 27 May 2024, 10:26 PM

The Le Gourmet Dubai is a continuation of the Le Gourmet concept already present in Galeries Lafayette in Paris. “Le Gourmet Paris is a major culinary temple where all types of cuisines are represented, featuring a wide variety of ingredients sourced from around the world. Le Gourmet Dubai aims to bring this same gastronomic excellence and diversity to the vibrant city of Dubai,” Walid Farah, Head of F&B, Le Gourmet, Galeries Lafayette, said.

Excerpts from an interview:

How does le Gourmet prioritize sourcing ingredients, and what role does sustainability play in your culinary approach?

We source our ingredients from the best food suppliers in the UAE market. Our main focus is on fresh, top-quality ingredients, and we strive to support local farmers and brands as much as possible. All our packaging materials are made of craft and carton, produced locally. When it comes to grocery items, we do our best to choose non-plastic packaging. Sustainability is at the heart of our operations, and we are constantly seeking new ways to reduce our environmental impact.

Can you share insights into Le Gourmet revenue streams beyond traditional dining, such as catering, private events, or merchandising?

Our main activity is providing weekly food programmes (Monday to Friday) to corporate entities, including multinational companies, luxury firms, governmental entities, banks, and insurance companies. We also offer tailor-made private catering and corporate events. Additionally, we sell a wide range of grocery products from around the world on our recently launched online platform. Our commitment is to deliver exceptional quality and service to all our clients.

How does le Gourmet stay ahead of industry trends and remain competitive in the culinary landscape? We stay informed about new culinary trends by collaborating with Michelin-starred chefs and conducting ongoing research to bring our customers the latest innovations in the food industry. We do this while keeping in mind the need to respect the average budget of our customers and ensuring our prices remain competitive. Additionally, we prioritize sustainability in our sourcing and packaging practices to contribute positively to the environment.

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