Best Met Gala 2021 memes on the internet

Mahwash Ajaz/Dubai
Filed on September 17, 2021

It was Met Gala this week and obviously the internet set everything aside and flexed its muscles, cracked its knuckles and focused on the one thing that makes every democratic platform happy: make jokes about the rich and fabulous. Not only did the internet loved the jokes, they also deconstructed it in a modern, politically correct way. But that’s just Twitter for you.

Kim Kardashian was a favourite as always:

Then there were jokes about the Delta variant

Pixar joke? Of course. Always.

Dementor inspired. Interesting.

The best way to cope with mental health issues is humor. Here’s proof.

DC Comics got on the bandwagon!

Bollywood had its moment too – but a bit differently than usual

Some folks had their own challenges

This one dress was particularly inspiring