Dubai Salik: Which toll gates offer free hours? How will you lose account balance?

The recharged balance in motorist's accounts is not refundable nor transferable and will remain in the account for up to five years


Ajanta Paul

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Published: Mon 25 Mar 2024, 7:51 PM

Last updated: Mon 25 Mar 2024, 10:55 PM

Dubai introduced Salik toll gates in 2007 to alleviate traffic congestion and improve transportation efficiency in the emirate. The toll gates are strategically placed at key junctions in Dubai, and vehicles passing through them are charged a fee.

In January, Dubai's Road and Transport Authority (RTA) announced two new toll gates that will be operational in November this year, increasing Salik's total number of gates from eight to ten. The existing toll gates are in Al Barsha, Al Garhoud Bridge, Al Maktoum Bridge, Al Mamzar South, Al Mamzar North, Al Safa, Airport Tunnel, and Jebel Ali.

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Each time a vehicle passes through a Salik toll gate, the Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology scans the Salik tags, and a toll fee of Dh4 is deducted from the motorist's prepaid toll account.

Motorists can conveniently top up their Salik card accounts online or recharge cards from any participating retail outlet. However, failure to maintain an adequate account balance may lead to penalties or limitations on vehicle use.

A Salik tag costs Dh100, which includes Dh50 in credit added to the account upon activation. If purchased online, an additional Dh20 charge applies.

Free Salik hours

Certain toll gates offer designated "free hours," providing drivers with relief from toll charges during specific times. Below is a detailed report on Salik's free hours and toll charges applicable to various roads.

Motorists driving down Al Maktoum Bridge enjoy toll-free journey on Sundays. Furthermore, toll charges are waived for the rest of the days between 10:00 pm and 6:00 am.

Commuters passing through the Al Mamzar North and South Salik toll gates within one hour in the same direction will be charged only once.

Dubai's Salik gates operate round-the-clock, unlike Abu Dhabi's Darb road toll system, which only charges during peak morning and evening hours. The Darb toll gate system is also free of charge during public holidays, unlike Salik.

Salik fine

The recharged balance in Salik's accounts is not refundable nor transferable. The balance will remain in the account for up to five years, after which if the tag is inactive, the balance will be forfeited.

If your Salik account balance is insufficient and you pass through the toll gate, the system will detect the lack of credit and prompt you to recharge. It's important to recharge the account within the 5-day grace period from the date of passing the gate without sufficient credit. From the sixth day, a fine of Dh50 will be levied daily per vehicle.

If you drive through a toll gate in Dubai without a Salik tag, you have ten days from your first trip to get one. If you miss this deadline, you will face fines.

For the first time you use the toll gate after those ten days, you will be penalised Dh100.

The second time you pass through a toll gate without a tag: Dh200 fine. After that, a Dh400 fine each time you pass through a Salik gate.


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